How to get your ADONIS belt!

Training Coach #2 – How to get that ADONIS-belt!

There is probably no manly muscle group so attractive to the opposite sex than the Adonis belt of a guy. If you want to look great naked for your wife, this is non-negotiable.

But how exactly does one get it?

The dreaded “love handles”

Unlike what most guys believe, genetics play a much smaller role than you might think. Hard work is what makes it possible. The bottom line is, it IS possible to get a pronounced ADONIS belt.

This is how you get it!

  1. The ADONIS belt will ONLY show when your “love handles” are completely gone. And “love handles” only disappear with extreme dieting. But once they are gone, they stay gone. (Look here:
  2. Do frequent weighted twisting core exercises like the Russian Twist. These types of exercises stimulate the muscle groups for growth that forms the ADONIS BELT. You should do ADONIS BELT exercises at least every 2nd-day. TOTAL of 6 sets of 25 reps until it hurts! Keep the core tight during the whole move and do NOT throw the weights but swing it in a controllable fashion.
  3. Do EVERY rep of EVERY exercise (for all muscle groups!) in the following way: Before lifting the weight, tense the core and keep the core tensed/flexed during the whole repetition. Meaning, do every exercise from your core. This plays a massive role in aesthetic core development and especially the ADONIS BELT.
Russian Twist – primary exercise to develop ADONIS BELT muscles

And that’s it folks! Sounds simple. Well, it is. But…it does require hard work. 

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Now go, work hard, and surprise your woman.

Gert Louw from Cape Town signing off.

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