Inducing an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY state for muscle growth – age 59

In your 20’s the world is your oyster and you do not even know what body aches and tendon problems are.

Hitting 30 and especially 40 most guys have a solid introduction to body aches and some tendon issues.

Over 50? Well, this is where the dung hits the fan. After 50 the simple rule is that, unless you give some serious attention to the muscle aches, knots and tendon issues, it WILL derail your training completely!

Simply put, the older you are, the more attention you must give to get the body in an anti-inflammatory state. Such a state allows for quick healing, muscle repair and very effective pain management.

The plan I follow at age 59 allows me to add decent shape and muscle mass to the body because of the effective anti-inflammatory state the body is in.

My approach encompasses 4 actions I apply. Do not underestimate them, it comes with much trial and error and with solid science behind it. You will be wise to implement them. 

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It is as close as you will come to a “magic pill” to keep tendon problems and muscle aches and pains in check to ensure effective training.


ONE – 10 min stretching straight after training session
basic stretches template


I suggest the stretches in above photo. This helps the trained muscles to relax, limit knots and plays a massive role to help the back align correctly this prevent back pain. Immediately after this apply action TWO below.

TWO - Very specific hot and cold treatment
15 min suana
5 min cold shower

What is the no.1 suggestion a sports doctor will have to tendon or muscle inflammation problems? He would tell you to give it an ice (cold) treatment followed by a hot (warm water bottle) treatment. This will calm the inflammation down and give the problem area a better chance for healing. But the problem is, as we get older, we ache nearly all over and many tendons become inflamed, especially if we push the limits in the gym. It just is not practical to perform the traditional hot and cold treatment.

Well, this is where it gets interesting. You replace the hot treatment with a sauna or steam room (15 min), and you replace the cold treatment with an ice-cold shower (5 min) and you repeat that twice after training [15 min steamroom/sauna followed immediately with 5 min ice cold shower and repeat]. This you will find is as close as to a “magic pill” you will get to treat an aching body. I know what I am talking about…it has work wonders for me (understatement). This is a very effective hot/cold treatment for the WHOLE body putting the body in a very effective anti-inflammatory state.

This guy’s gets done after EVERY training session straight after the stretching in action ONE.

THREE – Ice bath (once a week)

This takes a little more mind control! Once a week you throw 3 large bags of ice cubes in your tub, fill it with some cold water and climb in for 5 min. Keep head above water.

This will not just strengthen your immune system but also help addressing those serious problem and painful tendons and muscle aches.

FOUR - Add daily natural anti-inflammatory

To help the body in its fight against the muscle aches and tendon problems you need to add anti-inflammatory to the mix. Not the pharmaceutical type, but something that is actually good for the body and won’t damage kidneys and stomach lining. Two of the most potent natural anti-inflammatories out there (with solid science to back it) is Omega 3 and Turmeric extract (high potency). It takes a couple of weeks to start working effectively but these two on top of ACTION 1-3, plays an important role to calm down and repair inflamed muscles and tendons. If you want to know which specific ones I suggest, just visit my SUPPLEMENT ORDERS page.


And that’s it guys, these 4 ACTIONS WILL work wonders to help speed up recovery of that sore muscles and tendon problems.

I have not included in the above list a sports massage that is required every 14 days. This is to get the knots out of the muscles. The harder you train the more knots (tight) muscles you will have. It is crucial the get them addressed, since if you don’t, they WILL result in tendon problems. A muscle with a knot puts up to 5x more strain on the endpoints (tendons) than fully relaxed muscles.

Off course many other approaches remain, but through my trial and error and digging into the science of everything, these 4 are by far the most potent weapons in your arsenal. I can testify myself to its effectiveness.

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I am nearly at the end of my FCC (Focused Cutting Cycle) and believe me these 4 steps becomes critical when the body is under strain from intense training and dieting.

Train hard but wisely everyone!

Gert Louw from Cape Town.

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