Vote for your favorite GFIT II guy

Here are the shortlist:

Please ONLY vote via the official YouTube video (below) by typing in the names of your 3 favorite guys in the comment section of the video (you got a total of 3 votes).

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The over 40 male transformation challenge for us “everyday guys” has just ended on Nov 30th. The above video showcases the top 13 best performers and we need YOUR VOTE! Please vote for your favorite top 3 guys, by just dropping their names in the comment section of the video (on YouTube).

GFIT runs twice a year (first half and second half of the year). It is a platform for the older guy to improve his body in a step-by-step fashion by joining every GFIT challenge. Have you yet signed up for GFIT III which kicks off on 1 Feb 2023? If not, here is the link where you can signup:

Up to $200 US in prizes for every GFIT.

The guys in this video:

  • Juan Odendal – age 40
  • Bobby Gallegos – age 41
  • Rik Blade – age 43
  • Rudi Maree – age 43
  • John D Thomas – age 47
  • Angelo Feltrin – age 49
  • Ramon Britz – age 50
  • Kevin Blight – age 51
  • Kamal Dholakia – age 54
  • Pierre Van Der Merwe – age 55
  • Shawn Ayala – age 55
  • Deon Cloete – age 60
  • Neil Sutton – age 61

Wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a BLESSED 2023.

Gert Louw signing off from 2022…

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