Are you a SLAVE to PORN?

Do not TRADE what you want MOST IN LIFE for what you want IN THE MOMENT.

Can I ask you to read that again? You need to fully understand that sentence because its hit’s hard.

The problem

We, as a people, do not reach our goals because we seek instant gratification above what we want most in life, our dreams, and goals.

When you are hungry you choose a Macdonald’s rather than healthy food.

When you are horny, you spend time watching porn knowing it is not adding to your life but just taking it away.

When you had a stressful day or you are exhausted, you skip the gym because you want the instant gratification of laying on the sofa and watching tv.

The list is literally endless.

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Success vs. unsuccessful

None of the older guys out there that has reached great success with their bodies are following the route of instant gratification. They all have learned to keep the focus on making their dreams come true and not let instant gratification eat away their dream.

It is rather simple my friend, the moment you have learned not to trade your dreams for short-term pleasure, THAT is the moment your dreams start coming true. With the path I walked, I can absolutely testify to this.

Being a slave to pleasure means you will NEVER reach success. The moment you are willing to do what needs to be done, no matter how you feel, THAT is when you start climbing the ladder.

It goes even deeper

This goes much deeper guys than just building up the body. When you have mastered this principle, it will elevate your ‘being’ on every level. You will become a man of integrity because pleasure is not driving you anymore. You will walk closer with God because you would want to be a better person. You would become a better husband and father. This is how you re-invent yourself to be the best version you can be.

Learn to say NO (!) to the “in the moment” pleasure when it does not add to your life!

The sad part is that 90% of people out there never learn or even try to master this concept. They just continue to be slaves to the moment of pleasure.


Just to give you an example. I have now completed my 45-DAY FCC (focussed cutting cycle). There was no room for error. No room for any form of instant gratification. I did what I had to do with 100% focus. The moment that you are no longer a slave to instant gratification, this is what is possible!

Left is day zero and the right is day 45.

Me at day zero and after day 45.

You have one life and one chance to be the BEST version of yourself.

What is your choice going to be?

Interested in the FCC? Just look at option 7 on this link: FCC 45-day Focussed Cutting Cycle

Make your dreams come true my friends…life is to short not too!

Gert Louw

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