New science study says THIS diet is the best one!

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A few weeks ago a major scientific study released it’s results on which diet is the best one for results. The study was published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

One hoped it would, once and all resolve the infighting as to which diet is actually the best. And it did, BUT, also did not, let me explain.

It did show us which diet is the healthiest long-term solution, but it gave conflicting results as to which diet is the best for actual weight loss.


But before we get to this scientific study’s results, let me quickly revisited one of my earlier videos where I had a shootout between Keto vs IF vs Mediterranean style diet. Although I must admit that my version of the Med diet is slightly different with more “normal” food (meaning less veggies/fruits and nuts) to make it easier on the user.

In my shootout, my conclusion was that for straight weight loss purposes, IF was the best option but it severely lost points on practicality and long-term solution. The overall winner in my shootout was a Mediteranean style diet (or what I called the Caloric controlled 40/30/30 split diet). Now you may ask, what is the definition of the Med diet? Well, technically it is basically a diet that by definition encourages consumption of fruit, vegetables, whole-grain breads and cereals, legumes, nuts, seeds and olive oil with moderate amounts of fish, chicken, eggs and dairy and red meat once a week or less.

Ok, back to the actual science study in question.


The clear winner in the study for short term fat loss was an IF style diet approach.

However, the study’s conclusion was that IF produces challenges for long-term use and many people struggle with it’s highly unsociable nature. But for those that could move past these hurdles, well, they reaped the benefits of implementing and IF eating regime.

So, IF won for overall effectiveness in weightloss, but it had to share top position with another diet, namely the Mediteranean style diet.

The Med diet won top spot for longterm health benefits. It also won top spot for being the easiest of all the diets to stick too year in year out, especially when in a family structure. And this is a critical important factor of a diet. In the end, it does not matter how successful a diet is in shredding fat away, it is all about how easy the diet is to stick too that matters. Those on the Med diet also saw big improvements in their blood pressure and glucose levels – reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes

The study showed that after one year, 57% were still successfully on the Med diet compared to 54 % that were on the IF diet vs only 35% that were on the Paleo diet.

Pity Keto did not form part of the study since now I believe as a result the infighting will probably even be more!

I agree the margins between the top 2 is not massive, but a 3% better success rate factor in a diet is rather significant.

So, for me this is just a confirmation that my preferred diet style is still the best option out there.

My “bodybuilding”version of the MED diet

I will put up a link for you of the actual diet template structure (variation of the Med diet, with more focus on muscle building) which forms part of my coaching for my clients. This particular version is for a full-grown male in a cutting phases of length roughly 1.75m and weight around 80kg. CLICK HERE


So guys and girls there you have it. Sure you can reach great success with the IF diet approach if you got the balls, but my bet is on a long term solution and thus I support the Mediterranean style or similar diet approach albeit for various reasons split into various smaller meals during the day.

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Now go forth guys and girls, train hard and make wise diet choices!

Gert Louw


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