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I want to share an exciting update with all of you regarding why I’ve been relatively quiet these past few months. The reason for my temporary absence has been a singular focus on the development of something truly extraordinary – the PLUS+ system. As we approach the much-anticipated launch date of October 1, 2023, I’m thrilled to provide some insights into what makes PLUS+ not only revolutionary but firmly grounded in scientific principles at every level. (I recently won the international GHP award “Best Men’s Lifestyle & Fitness Coach 2023” for my innovation and skills in fitness & health)

Let me emphasize that PLUS+ is not just another product; it represents a profound transformation that has the potential to reshape your life in ways that may currently seem unimaginable.

So, what sets PLUS+ apart as a game-changer? Allow me to delve into the remarkable facets of PLUS+:

  1. Pain Management: Prepare to be astonished! PLUS+ has the potential to alleviate as much as 80% (and some test subjects report even more) of your daily discomforts and pains. We’re not referring to tendon issues; we’re addressing substantial conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and those persistent joint and muscle pains that have plagued you for years.
  2. Gut Health: PLUS+ plays a pivotal role in optimizing your gut health while significantly lowering your risk of colon and other cancers.
  3. Nutrient Absorption: With an improved gut, your body becomes a more efficient nutrient absorber. Bid farewell to gut-related discomfort, bloating, and erratic blood sugar levels.
  4. Pre-Diabetes Reversal: Remarkably, PLUS+ has the potential to completely rectify pre-diabetic states.
  5. Weight Loss: Achieving your weight loss goals becomes more attainable as your gut operates optimally and blood sugar levels stabilize.
  6. Tailored Training: PLUS+ offers personalized training that complements your newfound health without pushing you to extremes, all while helping you achieve an enviable athletic physique.
  7. Radiant Skin: Prepare for a radiant transformation of your skin thanks to PLUS+.
  8. Improved Sleep: Enjoy a higher quality of sleep, waking up refreshed and brimming with energy.
  9. Blood Pressure Regulation: PLUS+ contributes to normalizing your blood pressure, promoting overall heart health.
  10. Cholesterol Control: Witness the gradual normalization of your cholesterol levels.
  11. Reduced Medication: You may discover that some of your prescription medications become superfluous.

Currently, I’m in the final stages of perfecting a delectable cheesecake recipe, which is an integral part of the revolutionary PLUS+ system.

I can personally attest to the profound impact PLUS+ has had on my life. At the age of 59, I’ve been actively testing the system for over 6 months, and I can confidently affirm that everything I’ve mentioned is more than true. For me, the most remarkable change has been the substantial relief from pain in my hips and hands, along with the complete disappearance of gut discomfort and bloating. The inspiration behind PLUS+ stems from my sister, who tragically lost her battle with colon cancer just over a year ago. It’s as close to a magical transformation as one can get, particularly as we age. Don’t let this extraordinary opportunity to transform your life with PLUS+ pass you by.

The exciting news is that you can pre-order the system before its official launch on October 1, 2023. By doing so, you’ll be among the first to experience the life-altering benefits of PLUS+. Pre-orders will close on September 25th, 2023, ensuring that you secure your place at the forefront of this groundbreaking journey. Act now, and you’ll be at the head of the line when orders reopen on October 1, 2023. Don’t miss this chance to embrace a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life with PLUS+. CLICK HERE FOR PRE-ORDERS (option 3)

Happy training guys and girls!

Gert Louw

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