COVID-19 home training system

COVID-19 home training system

Ok guys and girls with all this fuss about COVID-19 let’s get a maintenance training system together that you can do at home with basic equipment when your area goes into lockdown. But the key here is to ensure that you get that basic equipment!

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But just before I give you the actual 5 day program, let’s look at how COVID-19 affect the life of a fitness minded guy?

It most definitely is nothing to takes casually. This thing WILL kill in excess of 240 million people if it is not contained. That equals 3.4% of the world population which is the death rate of the virus as stated by the WHO.

There has been surprisingly little cases in the whole of Africa and the speed of spreading in Africa is MUCH lower than in the Norther Hemisphere. It seems the hot African weather (summer) right now, might actually contribute greatly to this currently low infection rate. The good news is that the virus is killed (in water drops in air and on surfaces) very quickly when temperatures rise above 24 degrees Celcius. But when below 24 degrees Celcius, the virus stay alive up to 9 days on surfaces.

I heard yesterday Trump, in his normal unique way of making people see red, said that the warm weather due in April in the USA will kill the virus. This time around, Mr Trump I think u might be onto something. I don’t know if April’s weather will actually be hot enough in the USA but whenever the USA temperature rise well above 24 degrees Celcius, the spread of the virus will definitely slow down dramatically. So when below 24 degrees Celcius, guys and girls, TAKE EXTRA CARE. Complete hands off your face! NO TOUCHING! The only time you touch your face is in the mornings when you wash your face. This is how the virus enters the body through touching eyes, ears, nose or mouth. A strong hand disinfectant must be carried with you at all times. After touching ANY public item outside your home, you MUST disinfect your hands up to your elbows with the hand disinfectant. I buy a strong large container for home (D-Germ: 0.5% Chlorhexidine Gluconate in 70% propyl Alcohol) and refill my small container I carry everywhere with me. This is a BIG step forward in protecting yourself.

The COVID-19 home training system

Ok, now onto the actual COVID-19 training system.

Although it is quite possible to still grow on this training system (obviously when done with the right intensity), the purpose of it is to maintain muscle and shape at home for a period of a few months until such time that one can resume his normal gym training.

It is a simplistic 5 day routine per week.

Day 1 (Monday) – Pecs, biceps and ABS (total of 21 sets)


Day 2 (Tuesday) – Shoulders, Traps and ABS (total of 21 sets)


Day 3 (Thursday) – Back, Triceps, ABS and upper legs (total of 21 sets)


Day 4 (Friday) – Calves, upper legs and ABS (total of 21 sets)


Day 5 (Saturday) – Weak muscle groups (15 sets total)


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So all my followers and friends.

Take care, be safe and NEVER stop training!

Gert Louw

(Ps – thanks Henk Mathee, my good friend, for the effort with the artwork)

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