Dude Talk – Hate, Corona beer, the virus, farm murders and Subaru!

Been quite a while since I last had a Dude Talk video/article, where I just let go about guy stuff and stuff on my mind. Fitness videos are great, but now and then I just want a small break talking some guy stuff.


This one, I will try and steer clear as much as I can about American politics, but it is so difficult because it is just so interesting! It is so heated there right now, if u just happen to mention a politician’s name people don’t like, hate flows abundantly. 543bd1c61e58b.image

So maybe just this one thing to my American friends – take a step back from all this hate. When hate swell’s up in you simply from just hearing a person’s name, then my friend, you have a LOT of soul searching to do. Hate destroys and eats you up. Love is what makes this world turn around, not hate. Go on your knees and let God fight the battles on your behalf. Your job is to spread love and kindness. You don’t have to love every politician, but you definitely should not hate anyone. If you can manage to get the hate out of your politics America, you WILL reach unequal greatness in your country. Hate simply destroys…

How can we have hope for the future if we have lost the ability to be able to respect each other even though we have different opinions?


Ok, maybe one more point. Many of my Democrat American friends are in awe how anyone can support Trump. And I get it, he is a quirky, off-beat character at best. It is simple guys. People are sick and tired of the corrupt puppet politicians. They want a “non-political”, “real” guy leading. They want a guy not influenced or under the control of the corrupt Washington politics.  The fact that Trump mentions things like “windmills that causes cancer” is exactly the kind of thing that makes them love him. Because that shows them he is not a puppet from Washington that just say what Washington instructs him to say. It shows them that he is a person speaking with his heart and say what he believes, right or wrong, good or bad. To them, he is just like “uncle John from the farm” whom the people can associate with. People are so fed up that they are quite prepared to take a leader like Trump with all his quirks. In their eyes he is a hero. This tendency is emerging in other countries too. Corrupt politics days might just be coming slowly to an end. But, boy oh boy, this is going to be painful process!

Darn, I said no American politics and there I go already, eish!


So being a guy, let’s talk beer. Corona beer to be exact. I really feel for this company.b06204b8586d3bbb640fd3b420979459_corona-beer-transparent-png-clipart-free-download-ywd_296-1150

As I understand, their sales dropped in excess of 38% simply because of the name Corona. How incredibly stupid are people? I really sometimes wonder whether we have the right to survive our adolescent stage as humans on this planet. Our stupidity just reign victory so frequently! Wisdom is NOT our primary trait. I hardly ever drink beer and never Corona, but guys, just to make a point I am going to buy myself a 6-pack Corona!

Now obviously this brings us to the Corona virus, but, let me call it COVID-19 in support of Corona beer. Deng, I am glad I live in South Africa, well, for now anyways! No cases in sub-Saharan Africa as of yet (News Flash 5 March 2020 – first confirmed case in Kwazulu Natal – eastern part of South Africa). Will it last…highly unlikely but hopefully by the time it arrives we have a vaccine. There has been surprisingly little cases in Africa and where there are it does not really seem to spread. I’ve just read that the Chinese are testing certain combinations of HIV drugs as a potential treatment for COVID-19. Africa being the continent with the highest use of anti-viral medicine and the hot weather (summer – the virus cannot survive on surfaces and in water droplets when temperature is above 24 degrees Celcuis) we have in the southern hemisphere might actually contribute to this currently low infection rate in Africa. Time will tell, but as weather gets cooler closer to winter, risks will increase drastically for possible outbreak. So reckon we got 3 months grace – until end May 2020.

But our human stupidity is clearly visible here too. Many, many people are off the believe that the COVID-19 has pretty much the same death rate than flu and think “conspiracy theory” as a result of government’s “over re-action” to the virus. Sheesh guys, just dig a little deeper. COVID-19 has a death rate of 2300% higher than flu (using USA flu death rate and world-wide COVID-19 death rate stats). For every 1 person dying of flu, 23 will die of the COVID-19 virus. And in some cases, like Iran, it goes up to 150 deaths for COVID-19 for every 1 flu death. What throws the whole thing sideways is the fact that death rates seem to vary drastically from region to region. Plus, at this stage it looks like recurring infections of COVID-19 might be possible. And even my little dog can get it, it is not limited to humans, damn! Sure, it is not close to the dreaded Ebola death rate, but it is still pretty dangerous. Left uncontrolled more than 160 mill humans can die as a result. Here is the link where I got my information from: CLICK HERE

But just in – it is even worse than above – On 4 March 2020 the WORLD HEALTH organisation announced the official COVID-19 virus death rate has now risen globally from 2.9% to 3.4%. This increase possible worldwide deaths from uncontrolled spread of COVID-19 to a possible 244 million people. (https://www.foxnews.com/health/who-says-coronavirus-death-rate-3-4-percent-olympics-delay-possibility)

Gym and the virus

So, when your area (like Iran, parts of China, Italy, etc..) goes in lockdown, it means gyms too and just about all places where you can buy food. And this could be for months. This is no good news for a guy working very hard to transform his body. Imagine your gym closed for months on end! So, guys don’t just stock up on food, but get yourself a basic dumbbell and barbell set and maybe an adjustable bench too, oh and enough protein shakes! Never let anything cause you to stop training. Not your girlfriend and NOT COVID-19.


And off course there is no shortage of conspiracy theories. Whether it is a bioweapon as some suggest, well, we’ll probably never know.83159892_510864279562332_8921622323425968128_o

But the one conspiracy theory that I find most interesting is the fact that every 100 years, since 1720, there has been a major outbreak that killed millions. 1720 – the Plague, 1820 – Cholera outbreak, 1920 – Spanish Flu, 2020 – COVID-19. But let me just leave that there…maybe someone with more wisdom than me can figure this out.


Next topic – Farm Murders in South Africa. Wow man, this is really, really sad. The most political incorrect person one can be today is a white male and right at the top of this list is when you are an Afrikaans speaking white male, aka like myself, eish! Our president, Ramaphosa, told the UN council straight faced (!) that no farm murders are taking place in South Africa. But on the ground, all the gory and bloody truth is very visible for anyone opening his eyes and ears and taking the political correctness filter off for a second.. Hundreds are being slaughtered, maimed, burnt, axed and raped in the most gruesome fashion. Pure racist hate against white people with zero brakes. But all is overlooked and a blind eye is given by our own government (because it serves their agenda) and the world because we belong to that group of people that are holding the candle for being the most politically incorrect people in this world, white, male and Afrikaans. We had some hope Trump might intervene, but that hope is fading somewhat. And to top this racist hate against whites, the law is in final stages to make it legal in South Africa for the government to take away white owned businesses, business property and residential property, all this on top of farms that are already taken. All without any compensation. The goverment take it and give it to a black person, simply because he is black. No matter whether you worked your ass of for your whole life to get what you have, you are white. So because you are white it now becomes legal to take what they want without any pay. This is crazy people. This is waaaaay crazier than Zimbabwe. There the land seizures mostly stick to farmlands. Now all property (farms, residential and business property) as well as actual businesses and companies that white people own can be taken away by law now without any compensation and given to a black person. On top of that the banks already released a statement that said that the white person would still be fully liable for the bonds even when his property or company is seized by the state. So, everything you have in this world is taken away and you still must pay the bank for everything which you don’t have anymore. Can it get more crazier than this? How can any government put this in place and expect anything less than a civil war or complete economic chaos. And don’t for one moment think Zimbabwe was an eye opener to the ANC. Nope, they believe Mugabe and Zimbabwe’s policies are heroic stuff! THAT my friends is the saddest part of all.

Here are just a few photos of what is going on in South Africa on farms (apologies, it is graphic, but the message cannot be conveyed if our eyes don’t see the truth):


Now you might rightfully ask, “but Gert, why are you still staying in South Africa?”. First, I was born here. And second, this is the reason why (see photo below). For every 1 black person that has this intense racist hate against whites, there are 10 more who dislike what is happening as much as the white people and who want to make South Africa a great place for all. There is much hope…



Here is some stats compiled by a large Farmer Union here in South Africa just to give you an idea of what is going on. South African official statistics are unfortunately distorted to enhance political agenda’s, so the only true statistics are those compiled by large union groups and people on the ground.


So here guys and girls, I can just simply ask for prayers. The whole world is going bonkers, but South Africa most certainly is leading the pack!


Next topic – Subaru. Now this is real guy talk! I know every guy thinks his wheels are best, but I will let you in on WHY Subaru actually stand out above the rest. Now I know what I am talking about. I had many 4×4’s in the past, including even Russian made Lada, many Fords, etc. But for the better part of the last 15 yrs been driving Subaru’s. From Sti’s to Foresters to Outbacks, various models.Gert SUB2

Currently sporting an Outback 3.6L. Why do I love these cars so much? People just don’t seem to get it! Let me explain once and for all. These cars have a very special AWD system (symmetrical full time AWD) unlike pretty much all other AWD and 4×4’s. All other AWD’s (except Landrover) including 4×4’s, only kick in all 4 wheels when a problem is detected. In critical situations, that is WAY too late. You want your AWD to prevent a problem not activate when it is already in a problem situation. Think that does not really make a difference in the real world, just go and drive your Subaru on the dirt road and compare that to any other AWD/4×4. It makes a HUGE difference! Now on top of that another very special trait of Subaru is the Boxer engine. What most people don’t realize is that a boxer engine allows you to lower a vehicle’s center of gravity by up to 30% for the same height of vehicle in comparison to all other non-boxer engines. That means incredible stability, especially when quick manouvers are required at speed! Most other vehicles fail with this because the center of gravity is too high. And off course Subaru has legendary quality. So, for me, sorry there is no other car I want. Ok, not completely true, there is one dream car I want, a Bentley Continental GT.images-3

But, boy oh boy, that is WAY out of my price league. So dreaming on!



Well guys and girls, stay healthy and be vigilant and keep safe and I say cheers with my Coronal light!

Gert LouwGert face1B

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