Kidney damage survival guide

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First let me define what I mean with “damaged kidneys”.

Damaged kidneys refer to kidneys not functioning optimally. Basically, kidneys with low GFR values (should be 90 or more for healthy kidneys in men) and high Creatinine values (should be lower than 110 for healthy kidneys in men).

Just to give you a reference point, my damaged kidneys (since age 40 – I am currently 55) functions at 52 GFR and 133 Creatinine. That means my kidneys have only roughly 50-60% functionality which basically means I am like a person with only one healthy functioning kidney.

And as u know kidneys, unlike the liver, does not have the ability to regenerate. Damage is thus permanent, especially when damage was applied over long term via bad lifestyle choices / medicines / drugs / viral infection, etc…

This article will focus on how to extend the life of the damaged kidneys to its maximum through a 6 point plan of attack.

Obviously, you must discussed everything with your doctor and you must ensure he approves. You do not mess around with this! So learn from this article but work together with your doctor.

Let’s get started.

Here are the 6-point plan to extend life for damaged kidneys.

  1. Blood pressure.
    • The absolute KEY to kidney longetivity is in actively keeping blood pressure as low as possible. Literally it means how lower the blood pressure, the better the kidneys will function. And 140/80 won’t cut it. Anything above that means kidneys lifespan will be drastically shortened.
    • Target BP should be at the very least be something like 130/75 maximum. As a reference point, I keep mine at 120/65. Sure, now and then I am a bit light-headed but that is a very small price to pay for kidney longetivity.
    • Blood pressure meds will only be prescribed if you actually have BP of 140/90 or more on a regular basis. Unfortunately, that is simply bad news for struggling kidneys because 140/90 means strain on kidneys.
    • If your blood pressure is not high enough for medication (men if you get BP meds, always make sure you get ALPHA blockers instead of BETA blockers. Beta = impotence/no sexual interest), then I suggest you consider CBD or RSO oil (or a combination thereof). It is extracted from the cannabis plant. RSO (contains the full spectrum cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant – 400) is more potent than CBD but sensitive users might not like RSO because of the full spectrum of the cannabis plant (which means potential mind-altering risks when not used as prescribed) vs CBD which only contains the CBD part which means no mind altering risks. A typical oil regimen will be 2 drops morning under tongue, 2 in afternoon and 2 at bedtime. Using the cannabis plant oil regularly means a blood pressure drop of roughly 5-10 points. Watch out for the video I will be doing on RSO oil, it has some rather interesting benefits…a very good night sleep is one of them.
    • But a reminder, nothing but nothing is as important for kidney longetivity as keeping blood pressure as low as possible. Obviously lower than 100/55 and you can enter danger territory. So be wise…aim for 130/70.
    • Use common sense and keep stress levels down! Stress has major BP raising abilities.
  2. No anti-inflammatories.
    • Absolutely NO anti-inflammatories. Anti-inflammatories are kidney killers with ibuprofen leading the pack. Only 2 anti-inflammatories exist which are soft on the kidneys, but prescription is required. Nothing kills kidneys like anti-inflammatories.
    • Paracetamol can be used when required but remember if you use RSO/CBD oil it is also a potent pain management tool. Even if your doctor prescribes an anti-inflammatory, if I were you, I would seriously challenge him. This is your life on the line, not his.
  3. Cut protein intake by half.
    • Whatever your protein intake, cut it by 50%. Protein place strain on kidneys. Thus, why serious bodybuilders always have raised kidney values because of the amount of protein they consume. For the past 7 years I’ve been cutting my protein by 50% and eat way under what is recommended for muscle building as a sport, but I am still able to add good muscle. Sure, more protein = more muscle but also more strain on kidneys. Just not worth it if you have problem kidneys. But I am proof that one still can add muscle with problem kidneys and a much lower protein intake.
  4. Bodybuilding supplements intake.
    • Stop any and all bodybuilding supplements. MANY of them have agents in that result in elevated kidney (and liver values), ask any doctor working with fitness minded individuals.
    • Absolutely NO creatine whatsoever.
    • No pre workout shakes or any popping pills, not even BCAA’s.
    • Even L-glutamine which is a GREAT tool for guys with healthy kidneys, has been shown to speed up kidney disease for people with problematic kidneys.
    • If you take whey protein after training, it must not be more than 20g and mixed with at least 400ml water.
  5. Water intake.
    • Regular water intake helps tremendously in lighten the load on the kidneys. This alone can make a big difference in kidney longetivity.
    • Two large glasses when waking up and after that 1 tall glass every hour. 3L should be your target. 
    • Your kidneys are a filter. The less water and the harder it has to work, the more water and the lighter it has to work.
    • On this point, anything concentrated is bad news for kidneys. For example, if you drink whey protein powder, it must always be with a lot of water. Concentrated = hard work for kidneys. 
    • More than 5L  water per day and you are on dangerous grounds again.
    • Filtered water and not bottled water. Bottled water contains too much sodium which in turns is bad for blood pressure.
    • Sodium intake across the board should be limited to the minimum.
    • All steroids place strain on the kidneys simply by the way of how a steroid works.
    • The only two steroid related substances that is kidney friendly, is TRT (testosterone therapy) but only (!) when not exceeding 125mg per week (Depo Testosterone, do not use Nebido!) and HGH (Human Growth hormone) but only at low dosages of about 3iu to 5iu every other day.
    • Medications (pills) are generally not kidney friendly. Talk to your doctor to find medication which places the least amount of strain on the kidneys and investigate each of your medications yourself – challenge him if neccesary.


There you have it. A common sense, scientific based approach to make the little you have go a long way. With this approach you can live a long and healthy life with kidneys function only 50% or even less. But you need to be vigilant about anything going over your lips…make sure you covered all 6 points thoroughly.

I, for example kept my kidney values from falling further for the last 10 years simply by following this approach. In fact, there has even be a slight increase in kidney function over time. 

And lastly, I am proof that one can, even with problematic kidneys, still achieve a great healthy looking physique. Do not let damaged kidneys be an excuse to stop reaching your dreams. Educate yourself and use these 6 guidelines as your guiding principles.

A bit of good news is that alcohol has very little to no negative impact on kidneys. It mostly affect the liver. Thus you can still treat yourself to that glass of red wine!

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So, everyone, happy training and healthy kidneys to you!

Gert Louw

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  1. Helpful advise for me. Doc checks my kidney functioning about 3 times a year. Drinking more water is the first step for me. Thanks, Gert.

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