The X-factor concept for optimal muscle growth

The X-factor that ignites muscle growth

My channel focus mainly on the over-40 guy, but here I will be discussing something that is universal to all age groups. Applying the X-factor in your training WILL stimulate muscle growth beyond what you thought possible.

Why am I not growing anymore?

90% of guys out there start off with a good training regime. And well,

after a few months they see some great results and start to think their dream might just be possible. But then all of a sudden growth starts to flatten out. They cannot understand as to why since they train even harder than ever and still follow the same kick-ass training system.

As time goes on, this muscle growth curve becomes completely flat with virtually nothing happening. And alas, THAT is when most of these guys reach for illegal substances to force growth again. This is when most jump on the steroid bandwagon.

But what they don’t realize is that they have failed to incorporate the X-factor into their training regime. Without this X-factor all of us will sooner than later reach a plateau with our muscle growth.

Learn from the masters

Let me take you a step back. A few years ago, I’ve met this guy, 27 at my local gym. One incredible and perfect physique (and on top of that one awesome guy). Every muscle perfectly formed and balanced. Since then I have never ever seen a male physique matching his. I knew the guy and I knew his secret.

He was all about this X-factor in his training, to the extreme.

Never, ever did he do 2 sets in a row or 2 training sessions ever in the same format. He was all over the place and every time (!) his training regime was different, vastly different. The one set he would do heavy with low reps and the next it would be light with high reps, and so on. Then it would be a machine and then it would be free weights. Then he will use a certain grip and in the next move a completely different grip. And around him it was wet! He sweat like a pig. Not one second resting. Many guys look at him and thought he was crazy, but everyone idolized his body. But as humans go, few had this wisdom to see the wisdom in the madness.

Click here to watch video “X-factor training to ignite muscle growth”

The science of the X-factor training

Now let’s get to the science of the X-factor training. A muscle quickly (within 1-2 months) get accustomed to a certain way of training. When it has adapted, you will struggle to get it to respond and grow with the same attack plan.

Most guys try and bypass this problem by simply upping the weights. But this cannot (!) be done indefinitely. Eventually the body will break. Especially for the older individual the risk of injury becomes severe by just continuing to increase weights every 14 days. Sure, by alternating a Building and Cutting phase may help to a degree to strengthen joints and tendons but it still falls way short for an injury free long-term muscle growth plan. A new wisdom is required here to stimulate muscle growth year after year and avoid serious injury. That wisdom is the X-factor training.


X-factor training - This is a training environment where you never allow the body to become accustomed to a fixed standard routine. Meaning, every session is different, vastly different.

Applying X-factor to training

Although there is no ONE way implementing this, a universal approach to apply X-factor training is to employ a different X-factor TRAINING CONCEPT to EVERY training session.

There is 16 such concepts. I am not going to discuss each one in detail, rather visit the article I posted on this subject for more detail or a simple internet search will give you more info. These are universal training concepts. CLICK HERE FOR X-factor DETAILED TRAINING CONCEPTS.

They are:

  11. BURNS

Using a different concept in each training session WILL stimulate the muscles for optimal growth. Remember that muscle soreness you had during the first month or two after starting working-out? THAT is what you need. That is a sign that the muscles have been hit in a way it is not accustomed too. THAT is what stimulate growth. I am not talking about intense muscle pain (not good idea because it signals significant muscle fiber-tear-damage which will take too long to heal), but just enough so you know you had a good workout yesterday. If no muscle pain is felt, then simply the muscles has grown accustomed to your training regime and that is bad news!

My favorite one?

My favorite training-concept? SUPERSETS! A whole session can be done this way. It is a great caloric burner and it shortens workout time by up to 50%. But each of these concepts has the ability to deliver incredible results when regularly changed.

This is more important guys than you think. Head my warning. Not putting in place this X-factor training will result in stagnated muscle growth.


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