Blood-work tests now from the comfort of your home!

What is this “medical breakthrough”?

Silently there has been a new development on the medical front that is a game changer in a big way. Not so much for the medical companies and doctors but for us, the “common” folk.

And that is why it is not mainstream news. It is not to the benefit of the establishment but to the benefit of “common” folk.

Up to this point we had to visit a doctor and pay sometimes multiple expensive consultation fees for a simple blood test we wanted.

And many times, these tests are about sensitive matters. This makes it very difficult for many of us to gather a brave face discussing it with a doctor. Just think STD related tests for example. These days even getting your hormones tested raise an eyebrow from your doctor. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am rather sick of TRYING to convince a doctor as to why I want certain tests done. I just want a simple test and I just want to know the result to make lifestyle changes. I don’t want to be preached at and I don’t want a condescending attitude and I don’t want to pay expensive consultation fees for every test I want to get done.

Now guys and girls, GREAT NEWS. A very legit medical company is busy upsetting the establishment. The power is now put into your hands in a discrete manner. No more paying for doctor’s consultation fee’s or struggling to convince a doctor of your request. Now you can do bloodwork tests in the comfort of your living room without having to face a condescending attitude. All nicely packaged and pre-marked. A fingerprick is required to fill vial with blood, put vial in pre-marked envelope and drop it in post box and that’s all. 3-5 days later your results will be emailed to you.


The big question. WHAT can be tested?

  • Extensive list of Sexual transmitted diseases tests
  • Various Female hormone tests
  • Various Male hormone tests
  • PSA (prostate) test
  • Bowel/Colon cancer test
  • Iron test
  • Cortisol test
  • Thyroid test
  • Liver values test
  • Kidney values test
  • …and more

Those of you that have been following me know that I steer clear to promote or market any specific product. But this one guys, is a complete GAMECHANGER. The biggest problem my clients face is trying to find an open-minded enough doctor that is willing to a certain test they want. Just think of the humility to having to face a doctor for a STD test! This is all a thing of the past now. PLUS, NO CONSULTATION FEES! Darn, that is a big plus.

Why would you want these tests?

For the over 40 guy, every 2 years he needs to test his

  • TOTAL TESTOSTERONE levels (low test = low energy, depression, impotence, struggle to lose fat and built muscle and even heart problems)

For the over 50 guy, every 2 years he need to test

  • PSA values (prostate) and for
  • colon/bowel cancer (preferably a colonoscopy, but it is an expensive process, so at the very least a colon cancer test)

For the fitness guy considering steroids, tests like

  • kidney values,
  • liver values and
  • cholesterol tests become critical.

For all of us

  • High Cortisol results in low testosterone levels and many other problems.
  • Thyroid problems might be why you are not losing fat.
  • And off course if you are not in a homogenous relationship, then regular STD testing becomes critical (everything from HIV to Syphilis).

The deal I got for YOU!

So, I could not let this new development go by without grabbing the opportunity to strike a deal with them. I mean, this fits PERFECTLY into all my teachings on my site where I require my clients take charge of their health and situation. Without bloodwork one is steering blind! So, I’ve contacted them. Very professional and legit company, I was impressed. They obliged and I received a link from them through which my followers must order:

Ordering through link (and by typing in discount coupon code ‘GERT20’) you get a 20% discount (for indefinite period) on all products, even when ordering regularly.

This is beyond good news people. Been long since I was this excited about a new product out there.

Are there any catches?

  • Well, the finger prick is a bit painful, but much less so than a doctor’s needle in the arm.
  • The other big catch is, this is only valid for Europe, UK and North America. BUMMER FOR ME here in Cape Town, South Africa. So, although I cannot benefit from the product, I just could not let this go by for my followers.
  • Then off course, you must be able to interpret the test results. And that was why in the good old days the protocol was only via a doctor can tests be done. But in this internet day and age we are MUCH more educated and bloodwork interpretation is but a internet search away. Furthermore, when you have to visit a doctor after bloodwork results then the whole process is speed up drastically and less money involved.
  • Lastly, although the product itself is fairly cheap, I would still advise doing some basic calculations to see if you going to save money or not going this route.


I again stress that you should strongly (!) consider this route for future bloodwork requirements. You’ve been handed the power, accept it and use it to your advantage.


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Wish you all painless finger pricking!

Gert Louw


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