This is probably one the most important decisions you will face in your training.

For me, I train 90% without a partner.

This is the NOT argument:

  1. More flexibility about the times you train.
  2. Not to have put up with a training partners mood swings.
  3. Not risking having chosen the wrong partner with different goals than you!
  4. Not hurting yourself because pushing yourself too hard to show off!

But the fact is….it can do wonders for your training to get a focused training partner.

Right now I’ve hooked up with a 19 y/o training partner. Slightly smaller in-built than me but due to his age he can put in one hell of an effort. Sure I got more skill and better technique but he forces me to try new things and simply to push it harder.

One of the core principles to stimulate muscle grow is to continuously try new exercises or new methods to prevent stagnation. This is one of the key aspects of having a training partner even just for short periods of time.

I can give a guarantee (if God spares my health) that I am gonna encounter a very good lean mass growth spurt with my training partner and in two months I reckon I will see significant progress – I will post progress pics!

So those thinking about it…I say get a training partner even just for a month or two.

BUT THERE ARE RISKS….choose wisely.

  1. He must have the same goals in mind as u.
  2. He must be on time!
  3. He must be focused.
  4. He must not lag too far behind you. You are not a personal trainer!
  5. He must have the same moral standards as you….laugh all u want, but I cannot train with a guy oogling at every girl and swearing continuously while talking and bragging about getting laid, etc…

Age? I don’t think it matters much. I am 48 and I train with a 19 y/o. And he PUSHES me to new levels.

Just take care not to talk too much during your routine. Focus on the training and help each other to get perfect form and technique. Together try out new exercises and methods of training but don’t deviate tooo much from your program. Small steps at a time.

Wish you MUCH success.

ScoobyMuscle (aka Gert Louw)