Creatine – good or bad?

Should the older guy take creatine?

Fundamentally there is nothing “bad” about creatine. But due to what it does and how it works in the body, it makes the kidneys work harder. Depending on how much creatine you take and how concentrated it is will make that “harder” into “much harder” and that is where the potential problem lies.

What rule should I follow regarding creatine usage?

For a young guy with perfect healthy kidneys it will be no problem. Over 40 the kidney function start to decline every so slightly. Over 50 decline start speeding up and over 60 your kidneys definately do NOT have the same capacity for hard work than that of a 20 or 30 y/o. Thus, common sense tells you to be mindful of creatine usage the older you get. I do not suggest creatine for an over 60 guy and an over 50 guy need to first get his GFR levels of his kidneys tested.

Is this problem only applicable to creatine?

By consuming large quantities of protein can have the same negative impact on kidneys. Too much protein shakes in concentrated form can place strain on kidneys. BALANCE is the key. But a common sense approach for the older guy is to eat less protein as he age – such an approach can add years to your life.

How should creatine be taken?

Remember, Creatine is currently the most potent muscle building supplement this side of steroids.

Pure creatine only get absorbed by the body if it is mixed with something (an activator) like grapejuice or Vitargo. By mixing pure creatine with your protein after training will result in very little creatine being absorbed by the body. There must be an activator like grapejuice or Vitargo. Many creatine supplements already have the activator present, so read the labels.

Off course all this and more covered in my coaching systems for the older guy – more here:

So everyone, happy training but take great care of your kidneys as well!

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