Dude Talk – How Star Trek damaged my erotic dreams!

First my apologies for the long break since my last article…but, I got good reason! First the good news is that I got 100 videos/articles ready lined up for 2021. So don’t complain they are going to flood you! Lol, going to try 2 a week, let’s see if I can keep it up.

So Covid-19 got me!

Next, I want to wish each of my followers a great 2021…bit late I know, but guys, the Covid-19 got me. Yeah the bastard got me after all. Three weeks of suffering. High fever, crazy body aches, headache of note and chest pain real bad. But I was one of the lucky ones, no hospital visit. In fact a recent study found that if you lost taste and smell with Covid-19, then your chances are nearly zero percent to end up in hospital. That is really good to know and comforting. Seems like if it does not directly go down to the lungs it goes upwards and you stay out of hospital. So my taste and smell is still not correct but a small price to pay to steer clear from hospital. The bottom line is, everyone I know that took the basic pre-defence supplements for Covid-19 (Vit D3 @ 5000iu, Zinc and Vit C slow release @ 1000mg) stayed out of hospital. Some started at the first sign of Covid-19 but it was too late, they ended up in hospital.

But I am safe for 9 months!

Now according to science I can get infected again but the risk is very, very low for the next 6-9 months. So I got a breather – yippee! Now I can focus on getting back all the muscle I lost as result of Covid-19…away too much muscle.

Videos coming in 2021

Ok, so I promised you lots of videos for 2021. They will be numbered so make sure you don’t miss one. Each will deal with a mission critical aspect of reaching your transformation goals. They will be numbered #1 to #100 at the end of the video name and in the video description box.

Now, just something quite serious for me…

The 55-families project (sad)

Beginning Dec 2020 I’ve made a video asking for financial help for the 55-families project. Guys and girls…it is becoming very, very serious now and help has been very slow. We are so close to shutting down for good with many families losing their livelihood.. The help has been coming in way to slow to make a difference so if you have anything to spare, PLEASE consider helping with this good cause and making a HUGE difference in many families life.

Contributions can be made via GoGetFunding “55 Families” project https://gogetfunding.com/55-families/

Please help…

Ok, on too less sad stuff…

Positive about 2021

Will 2021 be better? You know, I say yes. In real-time maybe not (it might even be worse) BUT, I am a bit more positive about 2021. We can’t control what governments, tech giants and Covid-19 will do but we absolutely can control our mind, our positivity, and the direction we want our life to go in. We could end 2021 with a positive mindset, GREAT LOOKING body, and a better character/integrity. We don’t need the riches of the world to be able to work out. We can do it in our backyard! We don’t need the riches of the world to diet, we must just be able to count our calories vigilantly and make sure we get the right macro’s in. This could be our year…are YOU going to grab it? 

Now that was my 2021 pep talk – lol!

No negativity now anymore guys!

American politics?

Politics? Man I got LOTS to say but I am going to zip it! POLITICS SUCKS AND DIVIDE. We are either good or bad and that’s all that matters. So long as Twitter don’t block us!

The worldscape is changing and will be changing even more in 2021. I am going to miss the entertainment Donald Trump provided last year, especially I am going to miss to see how people freak out about him. Sorry to see you go Mr D…wish u all the best!

South African politics?

South Africa? Well, we had good rain, the best in 10 years plus. Dams full (in Cape Town anyway). So it looks like the drought is over for now. But racism is rive like never before here…just last week our president said that in 2021 the government will help the BLACK people of South Africa after Covid-19 to get a job and economically stable again. Whites, Indian, Coloured…nope…we don’t matter. 

So the same sad story over here. 

All our government departments (Waterworks, Power, Telecom, South African Airways), every single government department is bankrupt and out of money due to HUGE corruption and mismanagement. The government is trying now to loan more IMF money and also trying to get their hands on pension funds even private pension funds.

One guy counted the cars at an ANC conference last month, magnitude Ferrari’s Maserati’s, BMW X5 M division, Bentley’s, etc… Corruption is massive in our governing party and they are stealing South Africa dry. Most municipalities in ANC controlled areas got no money, no services and starting to shut down completely.

Did I mention no politics? Eish, that rule did not took long to break!

Covid-19 vaccine?

Am I going to take the vaccine? Must admit that is a tough question. I’ve never really bought into this whole conspiracy theory thing but must admit just too many things don’t add up all that well. So, I am going to hold back as long as I can. I would like to see the patents declassified and becoming public knowledge. People need to know and see what is inside that vaccine. The stories about Mr, Bill Gates and how he wanted to use/abuse vaccines is just a tad too shady for my taste…

So let’s give enough time to see and find out a bit more.

But in the end I reckon I will probably be forced too by my medical aid to take it. I might not have a choice.

Oh dear… NO! Call Cpt Kirk!

Oh and then something that plainly UPSETS me! Now, since my high school days I’ve been seeing myself as computer, sci-fi loving nerd. Now, us red hot blooded sci fi nerds LOVE Star Trek. I mean Captain Kirk kick it off with all these sexy girls in their very, very short dresses prancing around.

From there onwards, Star Trek and sexy girls was set in stone.

(Original Star Trek – Captain Kirk)

Star Trek Voyager took it a few notches higher with Seven of Nine (oh my, I could not wait for the next episode). Many a nerd laid in bed “restlessly” night after night thinking about the next Voyager episode and what Seven of Nine was going to do…

(Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager)

And then off course the Vulcan lady, Tupal in Star Trek Enterprise was a feast for the eyes as well.

(Tupal from Star Trek Enterprise)

All these voluptuous beautiful women…THAT is what Star Trek is about. It is and was a “holy” matter for sci-fi loving nerds.


And what happens? Guys smooching each other from episode to episode, I kid you not!

(Eish…Star Trek Discovery, this belongs in “Shitt’s Creek” not “Star Trek”!)

What the hell happened! I got nothing against guys smooching, if that is what they want to do, fine, but NOT on Star Trek. Captain Kirk would roll over in his grave! We are red blooded nerds! It is sacrilege and unholy in the Star Trek Universe! There is not even one really sexy woman in Discovery (maybe one exception, Emperor Georgia Phillipa). 

(Emperor Georgia Phillipa)

Star Trek Discovery, you have permanently damaged all my erotic Star Trek dreams!

Can you see how disappointed I am! I mean, really Discovery!

If the guys smooching had some decent muscle then at least I had something I could appreciate. But they have none…well, not in my book anyway.

And to push the envelope further, there is this particular “girl” playing in season 3. Someone referring to her as “she” and she is quick to correct him that she does not associate with “she” but that she prefers to be called “them” or “they”. Now, that was the cherry on the cake…what the hell are they trying to push here…looks like the democrats took over, not just the USA, but also Start Trek Discovery. A sad day for Star Trek indeed. Liberals pushing their agenda down everyone’s throat.

Beam them liberals into space Scotty!

I hear Seven of Nine is playing again in the new Piccard series…maybe a silver lining or is it?

Anyway, I had to blow off a bit of steam about this…the “them”/”they” part was just too much for me!


Ok, let’s not make this too long…it was supposed to be just a quick check-in. 

Reminder about my coaching system for the older guy, want to sign up, just go here: https://gertlouw.com/my-transformation-secrets/

Otherwise guys, next week I’ll be back and starting with my 100 series videos. Quick to the point and good info to get you focussed on your transformation journey.

Wish you all happy training!

Gert Louw


4 thoughts on “Dude Talk – How Star Trek damaged my erotic dreams!

  1. Hi Gert. Nice to find you again, I’ve Been following since the days of bodybuilding.com but don’t have a profile on there any more, moving away from the social medias’ too much negativity.

    Happy to hear you survived the monster.
    Looking forward to the next 100 vids/blogs…
    Thanks for all the info you give, a real inspiration.

    Keep well and take care!

    1. Yeah man Eugene I’ve also been looooong gone from bb.com I also try steer clear from social media…but darn that is my income lately! Thanks for following me brother – stay safe!

  2. Great Article Gert – looking forward to the videos to regenerate my goals and will look forward to joining the coaching system


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