Help me make a dream come true…

Please cast your vote for me guys, for Mr. MUSCLE & FITNESS 2023:

And so it happens that this opportunity crossed my path. I am one of the finalists for Mr. Health & Fitness 2023. Should I get enough votes, I will be featured in a double-page article in Muscle & Fitness. Now, what muscle guy out there won’t get excited at such an amazing opportunity? And at 59, this is a HUGE privilege for me! But to win, I need your vote.

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Just to give you a glance, I submitted the following photos for my entry.

Prize Money?

And of course, there is a decent amount of prize money. The good news is I will take $1000 US from the prize money and give it to you my followers and supporters via a lucky draw in a YouTube video, just to say thank you to all you guys for following me and voting for me. Another $3000 will go to something close to my heart, our local community drug rehab program here in Tableview – ONEWAY SOBERLIVING.

My “Mantra”

I also had to submit my MANTRA which I stand for as part of the entry. For those of you that don’t know it, here it is: “TRUE transformation is not just about the outside of the body. It is about transforming your whole person. It is about making the dreams that dance in your head a reality, about start caring for those around you and, seeing the beauty in the small flower that was not there yesterday. It is about taking a deep breath every morning and rejoice in life. It is about making right with God. And finally, it is about living a life WORTH LIVING! That is what I stand for.” – Gert Louw

And that’s it guys. Don’t forget to vote. Lastly, guys, if any of you want my coaching program that brought me to this point at 59, just visit this link to sign up and get the ball rolling:

Wishing you all great training sessions!

Gert Louw

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