15 Principles for a GREAT life…

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Now everyone by now know I am not your regular TRANSFORMATION COACH.

I believe in a holistic approach, addressing your complete person and being..inside and out. Achieving such balance and resultant happiness WILL have a dramatic effect on your will and dedication to work out and achieve that dream body…believe me I have walked that road.

So in the next piece I am getting deep again…but it is so important that you really read and think about each point and to apply in your life where it fall short:

We all want to live a life of fulfillment, happiness and a life with some meaning. We all want to be able to say one day on our deathbed…”I have no regrets, I lived all my dreams…”

Sure having a great muscled body is one of those dreams…but that is just a single one in a sea of hopes and dreams we each have within us. A life of fulfillment is dreams lived, not a single dream but ALL our dreams…

How do we get too that point where we truly have no regrets about wasted dreams ?

Apply these rules of wisdom to your daily life and you will be surprised by just how great and awesome life really is:

  1. This is YOUR life – Realize that. No one must ever control you. Each decision you make, will affect the now and the future.
  2.  Do what you love OFTEN – search yourself and know what you love doing. I am not talking about sex here! I am talking about things that make you happy…be that skydiving, surfing, hiking trails, sightseeing, birdwatching, etc…
  3. If you don’t like something CHANGE IT – Do not live with regrets. You don’t like being fat…get rid of it. You don’t like being unfit…get fit. You want a muscled body…get one. You want love…give love!
  4. If you don’t have enough time STOP WATCHING TV – cut out the things that drain your time and add nothing to your life and happiness. First to go must be TV!
  5. Stop looking for the love of your life – When you start doing the things you love, you will meet people that share the same passion as you…THAT is where you will meet the love of your life!
  6. Stop over analyzing – Things happen and we cannot do anything about it. The world is a broken place. Stop trying to find reasons. If you have to make right what was wrong, do so…but don’t waste your time and energy in the past.
  7. All emotions are beautiful – cry is beautiful because it cleans the soul, pain is beautiful because it teaches us life, love is beautiful because it feeds the soul and give meaning to life.
  8. Appreciate every bite of food – Food is a blessing, a privilege and never to be taken for granted. The majority of people in the world are hungry right now while you are putting the food in your mouth.
  9. Open you arms, heart and mind to new things – the world is diverse and a beautiful place. Don’t close yourself off from this immense beauty defined by its diversity. EMBRACE IT!
  10. Travel often and don’t fear getting lost – The world has been given to us as a gift. Travel as much as you can. Never be afraid of getting lost…being lost helps us find ourselves again.
  11. Seize opportunities – Keep your eyes and ears open. Each of us is blessed with opportunities meant just for us. It is a gift…but we have to grab it!
  12. Life is about people we meet – make friends everywhere you can! We cannot live alone, we need people around us to make us feel alive and inject happiness in our life’s. Even that drunk person pushing his life belongings in a trolley…you will be amazed at the stories and lost passions he can share with you, and your passion might just give him new hope.
  13. Life is short – very (!) short indeed. NEVER EVER be on your deathbed and have regrets about things you have not done. Live life and do everything you dream about!
  14. Live your passion – whatever your passion is, LIVE IT with all your energy.
  15. But most important of all – SEEK GOD ALWAYS…

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Now go out everybody and LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!

Happy training.

Gert Louw


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18 thoughts on “15 Principles for a GREAT life…

  1. I am a 335lb overweight man who lost himself over the years. I wasn’t always this way I weighed 165lbs and athletic. I had a beautiful wife who left me because I allowed myself to become something I wasn’t, I rejected her in every way because I wasn’t happy with myself , when she left I felt so lost. I accidently found you on YouTube and listened to your sincerity and motivation. You sir are a true inspiration. I have lost 40lbs in the last two Months by taking your advice and eating small meals. I have enrolled in a mma gym and have such a feeling of positivity. I am starting to communicate with my ex on a level that we haven’t been on in years. She says that she likes what she sees and what you have to say as we both sat and listened to you. I firmly believe that you saved my life with your inspiration. I too am trying to transform from the inside out… Thank you so much from a truly humbled man.

    1. Kosta, today is funeral of two people I knew well. So easy life is taken from us. Life is so precious and so short. It fills my heart with warmth to hear your newfound lust for life and will to change and becoming a better man on all levels. May God bless your efforts! Thank you for the comment. Your friend from Cape Town. Gert Louw

      1. I’m sorry for your loss, remember the good times and put a smile on your face. Your loved ones will appreciate it. Again thanks for your beautiful words and inspiration. As I’m sure you are an inspiration to everyone around you.

    2. I have recently experienced the same situation as Kost, regarding my wife. She left me for another man right after we experienced an amazing trip to Alaska. It came without warning and she has not given me any reason except that she simply met a co-worker on a business trip and fell in-love. I am 50 and she is 29. I have tried to make up stories in my mind for any reason I gave her to leave. I have not been successful at coming up with an answer. She won’t even speak to me about it nor explain where her heart changed. I found Gertlouw on YouTube as well. I have been soul searching and seeking some sense of peace about this situation and this is where I was led. I am not over-weight, but certainly not in shape like Gertlouw. I originally went back to the gym in order to work off my stress. I have been going twice a day just to “press out” my pain. I have also been on my knees in prayer. I have not been asking for a reunion with my wife. I have only been asking forgiveness of my own errors in the matter of my marriage and my life. This is the third time she has broken my trust. I gave up alcohol completely. I have never been a drunk, but my wife and I have both been what most people consider heavy drinkers. It’s never been my friend. Gertlouw’s perspective on life is inspiring and it gives me hope. His faith in Christ reveals his heart and his words are penetrating my soul. I have been told once I get healed up from this – I have the opportunity to become a better man. That is my hope and my prayers. I want to develop my physique in order to be healthy and give myself some sense of accomplishment. I plan on purchasing the plan and at the least making a donation in order to keep this site alive! There are thousands of men like me out there. Like me, they need direction. Thank you, Gertlouw. Thank you for putting yourself out there. Thank you for living out your words. It would be a cliche for me to say I am sorry for your loss because I don’t know you personally, but I want you to know that I feel your pain and sense of loss. For that, I am sorry for what you are experiencing. May God be with you and your family.

  2. So Glad i found your blog and youtube videos. Inspirational stuff and really informative and easy to take in.
    Excellent Gertlouw. See you im SA sometime my friend. Peace.


  3. Thank you Gert.
    I am inspired by youreturn YouTube video and commit right away to making the change.
    Gratitude is all I feel.
    God Bless!

  4. Hi Gert!
    Thanks for waisting a part of your time to share good practices, focus, love and faith!
    These are exactly what humanity needs!
    Have a blessed week!

    1. Hey Sergio…I thank you for taking the effort to provide feedback – MUCH appreciated! And yes…we ALL need to be regularly reminded these things…the joy is gone from so many people’s lives but it CAN be put back in place and we CAN live a great and awesome life…
      Be blessed buddy!
      Gert Louw


    1. I thank you for your feedback! Anytime my friend. My door is open if u ever just wanna talk. Stay strong. Life is beautiful…Gert

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