LIFE inspiration – Faith and Hope

Never give up. Today is hard. Tomorrow will be worse. But the day after tomorrow there be sunshine.

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You might have health problems, lost your job, a loved one might have died or you might just struggle to keep head above water.  I can never have all the answers for you but what I do know is that your faith and hope will lead you through this. It will most probably get even worse and more painful, but the ONE thing you must not let go is your faith and hope.

Now I am not naïve in thinking all with always be sunshine in the end of the day. Life sometimes just do not work like that. But through faith, there is hope and many, many times that hope turns into sunshine.

I have experienced this myself when 11 years ago I had my darkest hour in my life. Through  faith I kept going and started to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. Yes there was days that I thought it cannot get worse and then usually did get worse…but faith gave me hope and hope kept me going.

Today for me the sun is shining, it is 11 years later for me, I am healthy, looking the best I ever did and all because of the faith that gave me hope. Yes, you have to bring your part and you have to do what you can humanly possible do to change your situation, but keep the faith, keep the hope and hand it over to God in on your knees in prayer!

Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.

Romans 12:12  Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

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Gert Louw



8 thoughts on “LIFE inspiration – Faith and Hope

  1. Gert, This is really excellent. It’s message is something really needed in the world today. We rush along and forget what inner part of are soul which needs sustance too. Then when something happens the person has no real inner resources to provide help and support to get us through the crisis. I played the video and also read the text. It is a mesaage is something that was good for me to hear and read. Thank you. It is funny when we were first getting to know each other we did talk about being Christians and how important a part of our life. We approached it differently but we both were active and beliving Christians. Yes, we also discussed physical improvement. But we also put that in context with the rest of our lives including Christianity. Well I know for one I have gotten to far from that side of me. Well, Gert, this email was an excellent way to nicely but firmly pointing that out to me. This reopened a door that needed opening or at least be reopened. Thank you. John

    Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 15:14:00 +0000 To:

    1. John, good to hear from you! And thank you my friend. Through my past 11 years and the much hardship I had I learned so many life teachings that I decided it is now time to share this. I will be bringing out many videos/posts on LIFE INSPIRATION on various subjects. We are all on a journey, growing and become wiser…
      Wish you a awesome day and be blessed John.

  2. Hey Gert-
    Question for ya:

    Approximately 4 weeks ago, I became vegan and yes I am keeping up my protein intake with various foods that are plant-based! I have done my research and my question for you is this: I find that losing weight in my AB area seems to be more difficult to lose …. I get so full on brown rice, quinoa etc. I’m sure that I could lose more weight if I were to eat more greens, however I’m afraid I’d lose muscle because I’m not keeping my protein consumption high enough! I also realize that I have to be in a calorie deficit and that I can’t spot reduce. I just wondered if you had any suggestions for me!?

    Thanks in advance and many blessings-

    1. Hey Greg,
      I think this something for the nutritionist – Bernadette Beyer.
      She specialised in customizing diets according to your requirements to force fat loss and protect muscles.
      Her charges is $29 US for a complete diet approach according to your requirements and situation.
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  3. Thank you for this Gert! An online friend of mine whose dad just had a heart attack can really use this message today. I will let you know what she thinks of it. Have a great day, my friend!

    In Christ, James

    Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 15:14:00 +0000 To:

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