TRUE rejuvenation of the mature body – is it possible?

You “wake-up” when you lose someone you love!

Over the past year, as a transformational coach, I’ve embarked on a meaningful journey. Just over a year ago, I lost my sister to colon cancer, and since then, I’ve witnessed several people close to me succumbing to the same fate. This prompted me to embark on a quest to understand the extent of our control over our health and particularly in avoiding such fates. While genetics do play a role, I’ve come to realize that our lifestyle is a significantly more influential factor. What we allow over our lips, our physical activity, our sleep patterns, and the way we manage stress all play pivotal roles in shaping our health.

Live blood analysis

If you ever have the chance to undergo a live blood analysis, prepare to be astonished by the tangible evidence of the toll our bodies endure and the remarkable control we actually possess over this “strain damage.” Over a span of just three months, by nourishing our bodies with the right inputs on all fronts, one can effectively reverse up to 90% of this “strain damage” – referring to indicators in your live blood culture that signify issues like acidity damage, cancer risk, liver and kidney stress, unhealthy red blood cells, healthy immune system and more.

My experiment the past period

This is the path I’ve been treading for the past four months after much personal research. Beyond the substantial health benefits, I’ve bid farewell to five years of hip pain, which used to impede my sleep. General ligament pain has significantly subsided, I was even able to discard my cholesterol medication and discontinue my blood pressure beta blocker. Even my swollen and sore gut and intestines (for many years) are now calm. And this is only the beginning. When we align our body with the input it truly needs, remarkable health transformations gradually unfold. My recent live bloodwork presents a striking contrast to that of four months ago. My cancer risk has plummeted dramatically, kidney and liver functions have improved, my red blood cells are vibrant and healthy and my immune system is killer!.

Where did the bodyfat go?

As a byproduct of this transformation, I’ve inadvertently shed an excessive amount of body fat. In fact, I’ve been eating heartily to counteract this unexpected outcome. And no, I haven’t adopted a vegan or similar diet (never will!). I’ve diligently done my research and consulted with knowledgeable experts. The science substantiates the principles I’ve embraced. What we often falter at is the implementation and our lack of knowledge. Perhaps this is because there lacks a straightforward, step-by-step approach to guide us.

Pre-orders now open

This is where I hope to make a difference in the future. The ADVANCED SYSTEM+ is set to launch on October 1st, 2023. This system comprehensively aligns all (above) elements and offers a meticulous, achievable roadmap for everyone to follow to achieve true optimal health.
Pre-orders for The ADVANCED SYSTEM II PLUS (see option 8):

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