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Hey everyone, it’s been a while since my last video, but that’s about to change! I’m thrilled to share that at 59, I’m currently in the best shape of my life, proving that we older guys can still make massive changes. Next year I am 60, so watch out! But you know what? This video is not about me. It’s about the incredible journey of five inspiring gentlemen who took charge of their fitness goals.

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Recently, I worked with these amazing guys on a 5-month journey. We didn’t do anything too extreme or complicated. We created a supportive environment where they could hold each other accountable for their fitness goals. I provided them with a logbook. While they had the flexibility to do things their way, they were required to update the logbook every 14 days and share their progress on a group platform, where fellow members could offer positive support and accountability.

But you know what made all the difference? Accountability!

Accountability is key, and though I personally prefer doing things independently, I recognize that we all have different needs, which is why I worked with these five guys to create this supportive environment.

Now, let’s get to their results! But just before we do that, I need your help. Please vote for the top two guys that impressed you most, by just dropping the two names in the comment section. Keep in mind that each of these guys had different goals, some aimed to lose fat, while others wanted to gain muscle.

Here are the results for the 5-month period, in no specific order:

1. Henk Matthee:
  • Bicep size increased by 5%
  • Chest increased by 5.6%
  • Weight dropped by 1.25%

   Henk achieved significant muscle gain and fat loss.


2. Michael Power:
  •   Bodyweight down by 8.4%
  •   Bicep increased by 3.7%
  •   Tummy decreased by 8.3%

   Michael added solid muscle and experienced substantial fat loss.

3. Chris Swarts:
  •   Bodyweight down by a massive 17.6%
  •   Tummy circumference down by a massive 15.7%

   Chris saw a huge loss of fat!

4. Danie Matthee:
  •    Bicep size increased by a massive 19.12%
  •    Chest increased by 8.3% and upper leg by 9%
  •    Tummy down by 2.7%

   Danie made impressive muscle gains on an already lean physique. He is looking killer to say the least!

5. Kevin Blight:
  •    Bodyweight down by 5%
  •    Bicep size increased by 3%
  •    Tummy down by 3%

   Kevin demonstrated solid muscle increases and good fat loss.

Please do not forget to share the two names you want to vote for in the comment section of this article (or on the youtube video). You can only vote once, so make it count, guys and girls! The winners will receive some great prizes:

  • $200 US for the first place,
  • $100 US for the second,
  • $50 US for the third,
  • $25 US for the fourth, and
  • $20 US for the fifth.

By the way, if any of you are interested in joining the next accountability group, I handed it over to the group themselves to run and you can email the group at this email address:

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Thanks for watching, and let’s continue supporting each other on this incredible fitness journey!

Gert Louw

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