5 STEPS to Cancer Prevention for the over-40 guy

So how can the over-40 guy make sure he stays cancer-free?

The big ‘C’

The big “C”. Just the thought of cancer instills fear in every one of us. Sure, many survived the battle, but no-one want to go through that battle. But, is it possible to do anything effective at all? Oh yes, there is much one can do to lower your risk drastically. The science is there to back up this claim.

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But before we even start, I am NOT going to discuss smoking (smoking defined as ANY smoke in whatever form or type inhaled on a regular basis). If you smoke while you already know all the facts about its cancer dangers, then you have already made your choice on what path you want to take. Even so, the rest of this article can still significantly help you lower the risk on other levels.

5-STEP Cancer Prevention

Just a reminder – I do not discuss any solution or supplement/medication on my site if it does not have solid science behind it. I do not adhere to facebook or social media “proof” but only rely on solid science with published science studies proof.

The following needs to be in place (in that order):


    1. Exercise has been proven to contribute to the prevention of bladder, breast, colon, esophagus, kidney, stomach, and uterine cancer. (1)
    2. Exercise can help improve survival rates for people with breast, colon, and prostate cancer and also increase the quality of life of those people in terms of reducing side effects of cancer treatment. (1)
    3. What exercise you may ask? Research recommend the following minimum:
      • 3 times a week of 20 min moderate aerobic activity plus
      • 2 -3 times a week of 20 min strength training. (1)

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Science has shown that the food we eat, play a fairly critical role in either limiting or increasing our cancer risk. Here is the diet recommendations from science on how your diet can be changed to lower the risk of cancer:

    1. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Base your diet on fruits, vegetables and other foods from plant sources — such as whole grains and beans. (2)
    2. Avoid obesity. Eat lighter and leaner by choosing fewer high-calorie foods, including refined sugars and fat from animal sources. (2)
    3. If you choose to drink alcohol, do so only in moderation. The risk of various types of cancer — including cancer of the breast, colon, lung, kidney and liver — increases with the amount of alcohol you drink and the length of time you’ve been drinking regularly. (2)
    4. Limit processed meats. A report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the cancer agency of the World Health Organization, concluded that eating large amounts of processed meat can slightly increase the risk of certain types of cancer. (2)

Here is a healthy diet option: https://gertlouw.com/2017/09/08/free-cutting-building-diets-for-a-ripped-muscled-physique/


    1. Limit the exposure to the following chemicals (there are many, so check the following list by the American Cancer society) – CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST
    2. Apply this simple rule – avoid any food or drinks which contain any form of chemicals (carbonated drinks, artificial flavouring, artificial colouring, and preservatives). Never use “non-microwave” plastic containers in the microwave and be aware of prescription medication – always check against listed carcinogen on THIS LIST. (3)


Anti-oxidants can be a double edged sword, especially for those with cancer growth. Some anti-oxidants work better than other to prevent cancer.

    1. Moderate to excessive use of anti-oxidants (especially Vit E and Beta Carotene) should be limited when a person has cancer. Conflicting studies showed worse outcomes for those using moderate to excessive amounts of certain anti-oxidants. (4)
    2. Alpha lipoic Acid (ALA) and Vitamin C is the recommended anti-oxidants to help prevent cancer and could even help to fight cancer. (5) (6)


A lot of debate still raging but science studies have already proven beyond a doubt (on rats and mice at least) that Cannabis related treatments can have a statistically significant effect on either preventing or treating cancer.

My cancer prevention dose of CBD oil: 2 drops morning, 2 drops afternoon and 4 drops evening. Click here for my preferred choice of CBD oil (FNX RELIEF 1000mg oil)

  1. Using Cannabis or it’s extracts (CBD/THC) during cancer helps to:
      • Fight antiemetic effects (decreased urination, restlessness, dry mouth, heart burn, (7)
      • appetite stimulation, (7)
      • pain relief, (7)
      • improved sleep, (7)
      • fights nausea. (8)
  2. Does the use of Cannabis products prevent cancer? Studies on mice has shown significant potential of cannabis to slow cancer growth or prevent it. This include both CBD and THC or combinations thereof. (7)
  3. Cannabis alone cannot treat or cure cancer according to science. It is only recommended as a tool to assist or prevent.
  4. Note: The big concern with Cannabis treatments is the concern about brain development due to its THC component. Much more studies needs to be done to substantiate or dismiss this concern. (7)


And there you have it guys and girls. My simple 5-step CANCER PREVENTION PLAN. Simple enough but effective and easy enough to follow with tons of science behind it to back it up and give you a fighting chance to prevent cancer.

Cancer prevention and treatment ‘claims’ abound on social media and nearly all is fake and half-truths. Be very, very careful to run after a social media wonder cure or treatment for cancer. You have one life. Base your treatment plan on real science.

As a person of faith, I believe that when you have done everything in your power to life as healthy as possible, when you have done your part and you still get sick or cancer, well, then it was meant to be and nothing you could have done would have stopped it. But the problem is few of us really have an ACAP in place. If you don’t, mine is a good place to start.


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Stay healthy everyone

Wish you al happy training.

Gert Louw

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