Bidding farewell to the “mystery ingredients”

Creating a cancer-free environment

Step one in creating a cancer-free inner sanctum is waving goodbye to all those “questionable characters” that sneak into our mouths. Whether it’s those colorants, fillers, taste enhancers, or whatever else – those chemical troublemakers, especially the ones starting with an oh-so-suspicious “E,” are practically on the carcinogenic villains’ guest list. Letting them set up shop in your body is like rolling out the red carpet for various types of cancer.

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What about our precious Whey protein powder?

Now, let’s have a laugh about our precious whey protein powder. Even that seemingly innocent stuff is pulling a sneaky chemical circus act for taste and color. The “processed” whey powder sitting on the shelves is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing – claiming to be pure while smuggling in unwanted extras.

But fear not! You don’t need a chemistry degree to whip up a protein powder that’s not just tasty but also completely cancer-cautious. Think pea protein flour, protein-packed superfood mixes, and those plant-powered protein powders.

And guess what? If you’re up for the adventure with the ADVANCED SYSTEM II PLUS, I’ll spill the beans (or should I say, peas?) on the exact protein shake recipe that’s so carcinogen-free, even cancer cells would give it a double take.

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