Sickness, injuries and gym off-time

This is where a LOT of dedicated people get derailed completely! They get sick or injured and well, that is where their road to transforming the body stops…dead in it’s tracks. Until that point they are so motivated and charged up and then that happens…and the de-motivation is just too much. They just never get it off the ground again afterwards.

Right now, I am down from gym with kidney infection and this will keep me out of gym for close to 7 days. But after the 7 days off, I’ll be back doing one week light work and then all back to normal.

Not ONE of us are spared sickness or injuries. Now, injuries we can manage better especially with applying more wisdom as we get older (warming-up, stretching and simply avoiding high risk exercises for injury). But sickness is difficult to prevent. Sure we can apply the basics (anti-oxidants, multi-vit, CQ10 and ALA) and wash our hands regularly with anti-bacterial soap/spray, but even with that, chances are we will still get flu in the winter and still get the odd infection.

It is not a matter of preventing sickness and injuries but a matter of accepting that they form part of the training/body transformation environment as a given. You WILL get sick and you WILL get injured. But that must never (!) derail your efforts. Accept that it will push you back one to two weeks. Do not allow yourself to get negative about it, it is PART of the whole process and those with a winning mindset accepts that!

Now, what is even more important is that after a week of sickness, be careful to go in full force back to gym. Your body is still weak and in a process of recovery. Your immune system not nearly back to normal. Pushing yourself to the limits the first week back can and most probably will result in a recurrence of the sickness even to a worse degree putting you out gym for 3 weeks or more. That first week back after being sick make sure you do not do more than 50% your normal capacity. Go through all the motions and exercises but keep the exertion levels low.

Then the 2nd week back in training you will find you feel yourself again. That is where you start pushing the limits again.

A KEY ingredient of the winning mindset is to force yourself to stick 100% to your diet while sick or injured. Doing this will go great lengths to keep the motivation levels high! This is NOT the time to binge or eat what you want. This is the CRITICAL time to feed the body correctly. Sometimes I experienced when going back after a week sick I actually am in better shape than before, simply because of the control I had with my diet and my body that actually had a well deserved break!

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Now, my timing for my kidney infection is real bad because 21st May I got a photoshoot coming up. But that is where all your hard work you have put in over the previous months and years will show the dividends…

Wish you all good health and injury free training!

Gert Louw

Gert Louw INJURY

8 thoughts on “Sickness, injuries and gym off-time

  1. Thank you for all the good information. You are trully an inspiration. I was doubting myself because after 4 months of doing my transformation I got hospitalized with a pretty bad case of hemorrhoids and rectal prolapse… and I haven’t been able to do my normal exercises for a while (it´s been a week and probably got a couple more to go). I´m still eating very healthy though and I don´t plan on giving up (specially knowing that I still can make it thanks to this post) but it’s hard for me now knowing I cannot strain myself too much. I´m 48 at the moment and not in a bad shape but I still need to gain more muscle. Anyway, I don´t have many people to share my story with but I don´t want to bore you with it. Wishing you the best…. Sergio

    1. Sergio – yeah as we get older life becomes more of a challenge especially (!) if we want to reach for the sky. But the healthy living will go a LONG way to build up the body. And yes we will have many injuries and sickness on the road…that is a given. BIT DO NOT GIVE UP. Get back there and when you can just train around the injury. It never is easy…nothing worth having is. Truly wish you success and much health. Reach for the stars mate. Gert Louw

  2. I want to say you have bridged a lot of gaps in my journey of fat loss. Being in the gym for about 8 yr in just 90 days I see progress thanks PRICELESS info. And I’m 60

  3. Get well soon wish you a speedy recovery and thank you for all positive information.

    1. Thank Roberto! Really appreciate…hope to be back at gym on Monday taking it at 50% intensity for the next week just to get the body back in action…
      Wish u great weekend.
      Gert Louw

  4. Awesome. Thank your so much for your blogs!! You are a tremendous motivation! 🙂

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