After 2008 my bodybuilding took a dive due to my only son who was born and time was at a premium.

When he reached 4 y/o I started training seriously again at the end of 2010. This time around I knew what I was doing so within 18 months I achieved more than I did in my earlier 4 year transformation.
For the past year and a half my training and health has been excellent and no injuries (I thank God). So I am busy breaking new barriers.

My updated  TRANSFORMATION VIDEO: Transformation journey of a 48 y/o
Will keep posting with updates.
I know there are many guys out there with better built than me, but few of my age (48) or older can challenge me so I considered myself very blessed!

Here is a few recent pics to show my current form.

Wish you all MUCH success.

ScoobyMuscle (Gert)

My training is going GREAT…Here is a few pics at age 51:

gert3 Facebook Profile cutting GertLouw13Original GertLouw5smallTransformation system over 40 cover page.jpg

The journey continues!