My son Janu (6 y/o)

(This one is for Joe.)

Here is a pic of my son Janu – he gave new dimension to the words “unconditional love” for me…

I made a deal with him: As soon as he beats me 3 times in a row with armpress he gets my Subaru Sti…I am gyming very hard as a result and every night he shows me his 6-pack and biceps!

Have a great day ye all.


Springbok in the making

3 thoughts on “My son Janu (6 y/o)

  1. Gert, what a beautiful child. God Almighty has certainly been good to the three of you. Our two girls are now 15 and 13, smart and gorgeous. Driving starts at 16, college at 18. Hey, a funny story– I tell kids in the office “No matter how big you get, you mom can still reach your mouth with her fist!”

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  2. Thank you I really envy you your son. He looks great and very healthy. Better watch out one of these days he will come asking for that Sabaru !

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