How to train for aesthetic growth?

How to train for aesthetic growth?

You might notice many guys (and girls) doing their sets religiously, train hard, eat right and rest well but it just seem that they not really getting anywhere. Yes they get bigger but it is not really a good-looking big but just …bigger.


Then you see these guys (not many of them) looking really good…muscles in proportion, well-formed and they just got this “wow factor” when you look at them. But you don’t understand because they simply do not train harder or lift heavier weights than you…what is going on here!?


The jealous bunch will scream “steroids!” of course…but there is another much less sinister reason.

OK, granted, some of them might actually be juicing but I am gonna stick my neck out here and say me don’t think so.


What they do is they train right, but what is right?.


Let me explain…

  • It don’t help just lifting heavy and training hard week after week. You need to get a “mind muscle” connection for each rep of each exercise that you do.
  • You need to focus in your brain on the primary muscle you going to use for contraction and then do a slow controlled rep with perfect form. When you reached the max position you need to squeeze the target muscle for a second or two before you lower the weight AT THE SAME SLOW (!) SPEED that you used to lift or push the weight.
  • The negative move of the exercise must be at the exact same controlled slow speed and perfect form that the positive move of the exercise.
  • NEVER throw the weight around in a quick fashion.
  • Look less in the mirror and focus more on getting this “mind muscle” connection and absolute slow perfect form for positive and negative aspects of the rep.

Each and every exercise should be performed this way.


You will find that you will gradually increase this “mind muscle” connection until you eventually have very specific control over the target muscle for a specific exercise.


Range of motion

Do NOT cheat on the range of motion of an exercise…you need the full range of motion to targets ALL AREAS of the muscle.

Cheating on the range of motion means you will not be targeting the complete muscle and thus not develop an aesthetic pleasing look. (ie: only your middle part of the muscle will develop well and not the sides or front/back)


Strengthening the “mind muscle” connection

Doing 20 minutes of posing in a mirror after training helps to further strengthen this “mind muscle” control.

The better this control the better your technique and focus on the muscle exercised and the result will be a full and balanced development of the muscle.


Look at those guys that have this wow factor. Look at how they train. You will see that their positive and negative speed and form is with absolute control and full range of motion.

Sure genetics always play a role.

But no matter how bad your genetics, training in the correct way will develop that muscle in a balanced way and you WILL LOOK GOOD!



Stop plundering ahead and start training wise.

Wish you success!



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