Which training approach is best for the older guy?

The BIG problem older guys face is that even the slightest misstep they make in their approach to getting a great-looking older body means the body will not respond as they wish. The simple reason for this is that for the older body to respond optimally EVERYTHING (the whole approach) must be spot on. There is no room for errors.

Why not? Well, first your hormonal levels are not near what they were when you were younger. Especially your testosterone and growth hormone levels declined rather drastically. Adding to that your cortisone levels are much higher due to the stress we must endure at 40 or 50. This alone puts your body in a problem area for growth.

Now on top of this, your kidneys, liver, and literally all other organs are all functioning less optimally compared to when you were young. You realize this when trying to binge or drink excessive alcohol like when you were young. Your body cannot handle it anymore. Simply because your organs cannot get rid of the toxins like before and clear your system because your system functions less optimally.

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The big stumbling block for many older guys is injuries. The older body is just so much more prone to sports injuries.  

All of this means you must have a very special approach. A rather comprehensive approach with health first to ensure an optimal response. The balance between everything is key.

This means it is pretty much a waste of your time and effort when you try and follow a younger coach or guy’s system out there. It MUST be designed for the older body.

This is why ADVANCED SYSTEM II has been developed. Its purpose is to get your body in this balanced environment, with all the right input to ensure optimal growth and fat loss.

The term ADVANCED got nothing to do with advanced athletes, it simply refers to a scientifically advanced system.

I’ve developed it over the past 19 years, meeting with various doctors, Physiotherapists, Sports doctors, and rehab treatment specialists and of course delving deep into scientific papers to find the truth.

And thinking you can just throw steroids at it. Not so easy mate. That older liver and kidneys will not take kindly to it!

What does one get with the system?

To help you to easier assimilate the ADVANCED SYSTEM II is broken down into 11 separate files.


This file gives you a quick overview of the system and how to use all the files.


In this file, you can track your progress at 6 months and 12 months by plugging in progress photos.

I also provide you with a quick glance at what I consider to be your weak and strong muscle groups.

I provide you with a target progression path with your future transformation, considering your body type and age.


This is where I analyse your completed questionnaire and give you feedback on various issues. A very important discussion section.


The older body ONLY responds when EVERYTHING is correctly in place. This file contains the complete 7 pillars that need to be in place before your older body responds optimally for growth and fat loss.


This file contains your diet (Cutting and Building) in detail (macros and daily and meal calories) as well as a discussion on apps that you can use to exchange foods and manipulate your diet.


This file contains your training program in detail (Cutting and Building phases). With sample photos of all exercises showing the beginning and end of each movement.


This file contains two potent short-term diet tricks to quickly get fat down. The first is complete 45-FCC which is a very specific Cutting diet that you only follow for 45 days. Extremely potent. Just to give you an idea, this is the before and after results of the 45 day FCC. This guys was achieved in a mere 45 days!

The next one is Carb Cycling. This is a diet trick top athletes use to get rid of “grey” fat areas. It is mainly used in preparation for a show or photoshoot. Not for the faint-hearted and much more difficult than the 45-FCC.


This file contains all the training techniques one must cycle through to ensure your training stays fresh. Keeping your routine month in and month out the same with result in muscle growth coming to a halt. A error many guys make in training.


Critical information rooted in science to gradually raise your testosterone levels in a natural way. The plan uses a step-by-step approach to naturally increase your T-levels.


As we get older, we have to deal more frequently with ED. This file gives the older guy a near-complete attack plan on how to deal with ED systematically. In there, I discuss some radical new approaches that can make a massive impact for guys struggling with ED.


This is a critical file that must be completed every 14 days. You use this file to track your body changes (weighing scale, measurements, fat calipers) based on your diet in the past 14 days. This file is critical in forcing results with your diet. 

It is no small system and can be overwhelming. Thus the breakdown into 11 files makes it easier to assimilate.

But after a client signs up my email door stays open for 6 months for support and queries. So you are NOT alone.

Unfortunately, I have to ask for money for it. It takes me nearly half a working day for just one guy to customize and develop the system for your body, goals, and needs.

The good news is version 2.0 just launched. It is a major update to the system. I’ve been keeping the price fixed for the past 3 years and to further help you guys, I will keep it at the same price for the new system (version 2.0) until 31 July 2023. From 1st August I have to increase the prize to $195 US.

This is a science-based approach that covers all angles for the older guy. This is how you change your body! Make no mistake, as an older guy it takes a very special approach to get the body you want!

Feel free to email me if you have questions or if you want to sign up for the ADVANCED SYSTEM II (version 2.0) coaching then just follow the link at the top right of the screen or find it in the description box of the video.

Wish you all happy training guys and take care of that od body!

Gert Louw

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