My big confession everyone seeks

There are haters out there that will always hate and nothing that I say will ever make a difference. They will believe what they want to no matter what the actual truth is.

Anyway, the MOST frequent question I get ask on my videos are about whether I am juicing or not. To such an extent that I have marked all related keywords to automatically quarantine such comments for later approval which most of time don’t happen because I don’t have the time to continuously repeat myself. I have answered that question in multiple past comments and actually wrote an extensive article on my site about the whole matter. And one thing in life I hate doing is having to repeat myself over and over and over again! 

Here are just some of the less rude comments I get regarding steroids (As a rule I don’t even respond to cocky or rude comments on my site and such people just get blocked straight away):

  • Umar IFL Umar • 22 hours ago. Answer: Steroids 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • this guy right here • 5 days ago. Testosterone therapy?……….
  • Joel Rangel • 1 week ago. Steroids
  •  SISTIC1 • 1 week ago. U didn’t mention anything about your steroid cycle
  • Vinicius Robson • 1 month ago. Just one question sir, are you on TRT?
  • speedking72 • 3 months ago. Can I ask , whilst I think this is a great video, are you using steroids as well or all natural? Would appreciate an honest answer.
  • macka • 3 weeks ago (edited). You take steroids so it will obviously be easier for you to add mass to your legs but would this work for us naturals ? Btw I like that lateral lunge move !
  • gypsy rambo Smith • 2 months ago. Test!!!!!!!

First let me give you the link to the article I wrote on my site that discuss all in detail. I urge you to go and read:

Secondly let me answer the actual question.

BUT, that being said…Guys, you know by now I am not a person bothered by political correctness. With everything in life I sift through the lies and misconceptions to find truths.

And although steroids is close to a no-go territory for me, I am not blindsidedly opposed to certain very carefully chosen cycles for very short term goals. No steroid is ever safe when taken long term! But most definitely, not all steroids are as bad as the media are trying to make them out to be. Some steroids are even life-saving tools. But because of this out-of-control negative media perception, some medical professionals are scared to administer them. Even when some can save a life. In most cases steroids are considered worse than Cocaine, Meth and other street drugs! Just a sign of how screwed around our world is today. Many people have died by a single overdose of over-the-counter medication, but it is very, very unlikely that one can ever die from a single overdose of anabolic steroids. Only with medium to long-term serious abuse does death become a real possibility. The overtly negative weight given in the media to it, is NOT the whole truth. But, I do agree that when it comes to competitive sports, that the playing field must be equal. Unfair advantage for competitive athletes is not on, although the system in place to curb it is failing miserably since by far the majority of them use banned substances, but just in such a way or cycle that they never get caught.

My article goes into much more depth around this whole subject.

Ok, back to the actual question!

What am I taking and how long have I been taking it.

Since just after age 50, I am using 100mg Depo Testosterone weekly as prescribed by my Urologist to ensure my testosterone levels are healthy. I am a HUGE supporter of TRT when done under doctor supervision and when needed. It results in less depressive states, more energy, less fat storage and more muscle and simply lifts the mood as well as help with sexual matters and finally better heart health. Simply put, for the older guy it helps him leading a quality life!

There are actually very few side effects to TRT treatment.

Who would not want that getting older?

Sitting in a chair, overweight, energy-less, depressed and don’t even know what the work sex means anymore vs a virile over 50 guy, doing stuff, living life, energetic and fit? That is a but over dramatic but you get my point.

The problem come when we think, more = better! THAT is where the BIG problem with steroids are. More = problems and danger. But that equals to just about everything in life. More is actually never better. Balance is always the key to a quality and happy life.

Anything else I use?

I have used HGH for short durations under doctor supervision but that is a problematic substance for me (although probably the safest of them all). I used it twice and every time it resulted in carpel tunnel syndrome, even at very, very low dosages.

Would I have taken more anabolic steroids if I my kidneys was healthy? That is a good question. I think here God has lead me on a path of acquiring wisdom and balance in my life. Something I lacked before the age of 40. So, if I never undertook this journey of becoming a better person, sadly I think I might just have made some bad decisions.

So anyway guys, haters will hate and believe whatever they want too. But to all of you that wanted an honest answer and had some decency with the way you asked the question. This video is for you.

A person see’s these days a decent transformation of an older guy and they can do is screaming “steroids”! But 99.9% of the time it is the lazy who are screaming, who have not achieved anything and probably never will, because they cannot get their asses of the couch and to gym. So, to make them feel less guilty about their laziness, they use the age-old tactic of pointing a finger.

The fact is, it is easier to build a great body than most think. If you do the right things the body WILL respond. You don’t NEED steroids for a transformation.

NOTHING beats hard work…nothing.

Be wise, train hard and make it happen

Gert Louw


2 thoughts on “My big confession everyone seeks

  1. Hi Gurt,
    Thanks for the candor, truth will always be your friend. I too had been noticing age related changes in my body as I started the downhill slide after 50. I found a clinic that specializes in ONLY male hormone replacement therapy.
    Every 5 weeks they do a blood test for excessive hemoglobin, a common side effect of testosterone replacement. Also the keep a close eye on the estrogen level and supplement with a blocker if it starts to rise.
    I go once per week and get 200 ml injection and have notice my blood pressure in in the “rockstar” zone, i’ve dropped nearly 20 lbs. of belly fat and my mental focus has improved tremendously. All I have is praise for the group of Doctors that filled this gap between the medically ill informed family doctor and the strict endocrinology group that treats you like you are a participant of a group of 80 year old men needing to get
    “within range”.
    These guys solved years of frustration by understanding the man not the lab results. All for $65 a week!
    Don’t abuse it and it will have many benefits in life, work, health and happiness.
    D. Martin
    Des Moines, Iowa

    1. Des – good for you bro. Regarding BP – just be careful, long term TRT should not exceed 125mg per week. Take care of that body and grow man. G.

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