Over 40 – The five scientific steps to washboard ABS.

Few things are so frequently part of a guy’s dreams than washboard abs.

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It is just something that says “success, health and fitness”. Girls love it, guys admire it and it is so freaking nice to sit down without a shirt and have a flat tummy and never have to worry about pulling in that one-pack tummy.

But why, oh why is it so difficult? Why do guys go crazy with training, but many times just do not get that washboard-look? At best many get a flat tummy but pretty much a shapeless one.

Pure and simple…they do not apply real science but only bro science.

And bro science is not in a Vulcan’s vocabulary simply because it is very far removed from real science. Thus, why you get no results.

Ok enough talk, let’s get this nailed down. WHAT are these 5 steps to that washboard-abs?


Step 1

Training abs with the right intensity.

I’ll say this once. If you do not feel intense pain (muscle pain) when training abs, your intensity is not close to be enough. With the last few reps, the pain must be nearly unbearable. You NEED to learn to get that mind muscle connection that with EVERY crunch you squeeze the ab muscles very tightly and keep it there for a second before releasing.

Many guys are going through the motions, but they train nearly everything except the ab muscles! Successful ab training is the most painful of all muscle training.


Step 2

Training abs with the right frequency.

Abs are unlike other muscle groups. Abs (and calves) muscle fibers only respond to fairly frequent training. Minimum 3 times a week, but up to 5 times. One time a week will not result in washboard abs! Abs and the core are used to doing a lot of work. With every movement of the body the core is involved. You need to stimulate it to such an extent that it realize the load is not normal. Only then will it start responding to growth.


Step 3

Training abs with the right exercises.

Sit ups is not going to cut it! Crunches, crunches and more crunches. Do many variations of crunches. With exercise ball, with rope and cable and so on. Critical exercises that must also be included is the Russian Twist (for core and obliques) and the Roman Chair.

Crunches are usually the ab exercise that allow you to get optimal mind muscle connection.


Step 4

Adjust diet every 14 days to force results.

Whatever diet you follow, you need to go through a scientific process to force results…every 14 days. So every 14 days you need to measure your body fat with calipers.

Here is a link that will show you how to accurately take measurements: https://gymjp.com/track/body-fat-percentages/skinfold-measurements/

Here is the body fat calculator I want you to use: http://www.linear-software.com/online.html

Plus you need to weigh yourself on a trustworthy scale plus you need to take tape measurements of biceps, chest, waist, upper legs and calves. Compare your results to that of 14 days ago. That will tell you what happened to the body fat and what happened to muscle mass. If the muscle mass dropped at all (!) then you are eating too little calories and the body is in starvation mode. The only way to get it out of starvation mode is to slightly raise the calories. If you lost fat and muscle stayed the same = perfect. If you gained muscles and lost fat = better than perfect! If you gained body fat, drop calories with small amount. This is the process you must go through every 14 days to force results with the diet. Don’t think once you are in the sweet spot you will stay there. It does not work that way.

No matter how good your training you simply will NOT be able to show washboard abs ever if it is covered by too much fat. This is the only scientific way to force that fat-loss without losing muscle.


Step 5

The complete no-no’s for washboard abs.

  1. No smoking – no great body has ever been built on one of the unhealthiest habits of our society.
  2. No alcohol. Ok, not more than 500ml ONCE a week in wine equivalent for alcohol. But the truth is if you drink alcohol, even a little and you are over 40 you WILL struggle immensely to get that washboard look.
  3. You must never be thirsty. A tall glass of filtered water every hour during day. No bottled water, it contains too much sodium.
  4. Low testosterone levels and washboard abs are incompatible! Make sure your testosterone levels are in the upper regions of healthy. Watch out soon for my new video “Manage your testosterone levels”


Guys that is the short of it. Off course there are many other smaller issues like keeping cortisol (stress hormone) down and getting in enough sleep, but these are the key factors. Putting these correctly in place will for most of use results in washboard abs with valleys low and peaks high.

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How long will it take? A reasonable timeframe is 90 days if your bodyfat was not more than 14% to start with.

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Now go forth and make them abs razor sharp!

Gert Louw

Gert double flex

2 thoughts on “Over 40 – The five scientific steps to washboard ABS.

  1. I’am 77 yrs old Male progress is slow but having to stretch hip flexors often.Trying low carb high fat to decrease body fat.Any suggestions

    1. I have lots of compassion for the pains and aches of the older bodybuilder. So hats of to you for doing it! I would strongly rather suggest the Mediteranean style eating habit with small frequent meal system. It is the healthiest approach for the older individual and has been proven to be the best approach for longterm success. However, no diet is ever going to work unless you do not go through a 14-day body monitoring process whereby you align the diet to force results. You need to keep your body in the sweet spot zone. For this you need measuring tape, body fat callipers and a weighing scale. It is this scientific approach that forces the diet to deliver wanted results. Without this scientific approach, the best diet in the world will make no difference.

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