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Mustering WILL-POWER & MOTIVATION using the W.A.M. principle

99% of obese people fail miserably in an effort to look better or to transform their body. The CATT process is a new and revolutionary approach to increase the odds DRASTICALLY for OBESE people to get to their body goals. Read the article for more…

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Weightlifting grip positions for the older guy

Weightlifting grip positions for the older guy. Grip positions and tricks to lessen strain on joints, wrists and tendons.

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What makes me different from all the other coaches/trainers?

Why follow me? What makes me different when there are so many other good trainers and coaches out there? For the older guy and girl, let this inspire and give you hope.

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Supplements – the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY

A look at bodybuilding supplements and the real world results.

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What rules to break for a fit over 40 guy when taking an adventure vacation.

Over 40 and training hard for look great without the shirt? Here I give a quick rundown as to some tips on what rules must be broken and what not when taking a adventure break!

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