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OBESE to FIT – using the CATT approach for success

99% of obese people fail miserably in an effort to look better or to transform their body. The CATT process is a new and revolutionary approach to increase the odds DRASTICALLY for OBESE people to get to their body goals. Read the article for more…

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MY “OLDER BODY” JOURNEY – flabby to ripped over 50

From flabby to ripped, even after 50!

Here is my journey and the things that made the biggest difference in helping me to get to my goal post. My information is free and meant to inspire and motivate older guys, no matter your shape or health condition.

I’ve been there and even with death knocking at one’s door one can till turn everything around and exceed your wildest dreams. Learn from me and be inspired to take on your own journey!

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Why an over-40 guy MUST know his blood T-levels

Why is it so critically important for the over 40 guy venturing on a body transformation to know and manage his blood testosterone levels?

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How long will your body transformation take?

What is the real-world times one should expect for a WOW body transformation? Here i give a some insight into expected timeframes for younger and older guys.

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