Dude Talk – Abortion, Omicron, living at ground zero, crypto’s & Rittenhouse

Future, what future…?

First guys, 2021 is coming to an end. Although for many it was an even worse year than 2020, for me and my family it was a fairly blessed year. We only lost one loved one to the dreaded Covid, the rest of us are safe and healthy. We all survived financially and there were even some blessings along the way.

But darn, I am loosing hope that we will ever be allowed to live normal mask-free lives ever. It looks like the world has changed forever. We never realize how blessed we are until those liberties/freedoms are not there anymore. I pray and hope I am wrong.

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Life at ground-zero.

Right now, according to the world, I am staying at ground zero of Omicron. I personally think ground zero is rather up north in Africa not here in South Africa. Our South African private and university research healthcare system is quite advanced and in some cases better than 1st world countries (we have to have SOME benefits – lol!) and that was why we were able to identify the new strain so quickly.

Either way, how does it feel to be at “ground zero”?

The place where I stay – Cape Town – the most beautiful city in the world…

I will not deny that there are a little fear in there. But my life is going on. I am still visiting gym (don’t know for how long). We still going away for December holidays to our little beach cottage and life is pretty much going on as normal.

Daily cases are rising drastically here in South Africa (much quicker and faster than with the previous 3 waves), but generally everyone here view the Omicron as less severe with the exception that kids under age 5 seems now more vulnerable to be hospitalized than before (early days and questionable data).  Early feedback looks like a 2% breakthrough cases for vaccinated people. Plus South African president, Ramaphosa, just released (5 Dec 2021) a statement that hospital admissions does not follow the trend of the skyrocketing new infections. In fact hospitalisations seems to be very stable, meaning the virus symptoms are mild in nature. And even before he said that, it was something I picked up from reading and interpreting the stats. {ps: I love reading and interpreting stats}

But the next 2 weeks will be critical to find out exactly what is cooking with Omicron.  

In fact I got this feeling that we might just be very, very lucky with Omicron and that it heralds in the end of Covid-19. Let me explain, it looks like it is incredibly contagious which mean that pretty much no matter what you are doing, you going to get it. With that in mind and the fact that its symptoms are mild (with current premature data) in nature, means soon everyone will have anti-bodies circulating in their blood. And this could help tremendously to fend off current and future Covid strains. Is this fantasy thinking going to turn into reality? Let’s see…

All this could still be turned on it’s head, but for now, I am keenly positive.

We fear lockdown. The tourist and hospitality sectors are already on their knees and now with many countries isolating South Africa it is going to get much, much worse for these sectors.

But I take is as it comes…each day has its own worry.

Crypto’s and metaverse the big hope.

My big financial hope for the future is with crypto’s and metaverse-related stocks. I’ve invested what I have in this and hope that the metaverse project will reap massive benefits in the next 5 yrs or so. Crypto’s well, it is always a gamble, but by just looking at year on year growth it looks positive and very possible for BIG profits. Especially when one get to things like MANA which is a crypto developed for use in metaverse. Anyway, anything stock and crypto related are always to a large degree a gamble…so let’s see how this goes.


This week (now 5 Dec 2021) crypto’s fell a spectacular 20%-30% across the board. That is the name of the game. I am in this for the 6-12 months return cycle. So a drop like this is not affecting the longer term picture. But a gamble it sure is.

Anything related to the metaverse project (not talking facebook here, they are just a small part of the whole metaverse project) is going to skyrocket in the next 5 years. The metaverse project (aka “Ready Player One”) is going to change the world as we know it in a big, BIG way.

If I am lucky I will get my Bentley and only fly business class! LOL – we all have dreams…

American horror story.

The American politics continue to be a source of entertainment for me. But lately more of a horror story than fun and entertainment like which Trump provided.

I followed the Rittenhouse trial fairly close. It was this one case which is signifying our sick, sick world we living in. A boy defending himself and his life against thugs that just want to loot & destroy. The day our human right is taken from us to allow ourselves to defend ourselves that is the day hope is lost for this world and evil has won. The extreme to what the big liberal news networks (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) has lied and skew the truth in this trial is insane. The reasons the liberals and democrats went off like this at Kyle Rittenhouse is because they do not want anyone the be allowed to defend themselves against mob attacks/rampage they support. You just have to lie down and let them destroy and take what they want, even your life. And in good liberal tradition they did what we all expected them to do. When they had no more arguments/truth, they start screaming racism, even though the Rittenhouse incident was white-on-white violence. NOTHING to do with racism or “white supremacy”. The exact same is happening here in South Africa. When liberals have no more arguments or truth, they switch to the racism calling card and start to distort facts. I am sorry, but the liberals (and from where I am sitting, Democrats) are NOT interested in truth or what is right and what is wrong, they have their agenda and will destroy, burn, loot until their agenda is reached, damn the truth. So, for me the whole US political landscape is turning in a horror story. Sad man, sad. Such a great, great country with so many awesome people and it all is getting destroyed by the liberals and pretty much the crazy democrat agenda. Thus, why I was so ecstatic with the Rittenhouse verdict. Some hope and some sense still can prevail, just when I thought it was all gone. But after all is said and done…they charged a guy defending his life from a mob, but what about those that try and kill him? Why no attempted murder charges for the mob? They walking free while the guy who was attacked had to go through hell.

editorial cartoon from times wires

Off course I will lose some followers by being open like this. The liberals does NOT take kindly to anyone saying things they do not approve off, no matter how true or correct it is. Well, I believe it is time to take a stand in this world. I do not play the cancel culture game and I do NOT do political correctness. I do and say what I believe is right and that needs to be said!

Abortion and free guiltless sex.

The argument of you having control over your own body does not extend to a new life with his/her own unique DNA…

Maybe the wheel is turning a bit in the USA? Especially now with the court abortion case? 

My take on the abortion issue? DUDE, if the girl wants to have fun and poke around then she must carry the consequences of her actions. Destroying a life because you want to have the right to have consequence-free sex is sickening. And don’t even get me started about whether (when) or not it IS a life created. The moment that conception takes place is the moment life is created. And THAT is the moment your responsibility and consequences starts.

These feminists screaming abortion is making me sick to my stomach. I see only hate, no morals, no self-respect, no love. Take responsibility for your actions girls, grow some balls (oops, now that will be interpreted literally by the liberals and they will probably say, “but we already got a pair through an operation”!), own up to your actions and for Pete’s sake, grow up! (Why do we say “for Pete’s sake”. Who was Pete?)

Who is controlling the liberals?

I’ve come to one of two conclusions. 1.) Either evil is in control of the liberals/Democrat agenda and these liberals without knowing have invisible “blinds folds” over their eyes and they simply cannot see the truth, or, 2.) Some conspiracy theory is playing out with most (if not all) liberals/Democrats that adheres to a new secret world order/agenda.

Now, those following me will know I am not a conspiracy theory type of guy, so sadly for me it looks like number one. To me Evil is running wild and free and increasing its influence at dramatic speed, not just in the USA but everywhere (sorry my American friends – I am a bit too harsh on you guys here, forgive me!).

the sick agenda of today’s Democrat party…

I will say it again…at this point from where I sit at the opposite side of the planet, it looks like the only survivable future for the USA, is a split into two or more separate countries. Basically one group with a centre of morality and the other bowing to anything moral less. So sad, it is such a great country. [But just maybe..this is what the skewed media want us to think and see.]

Maybe I should rather start following Japanese politics, might be less of a horror story! 

South African politics? Dudes, we’ve lost the plot many, many moons ago with massive corruptions/stealing, open borders and you name it! I had some hope for America to be the beacon of good and what is right in this world,  but that hope is fading fast. 

But as one of my Facebook friends (Jon Pinsky) have pointed out – let me not over-generalize here – not all Republicans are good and NOT all Democrats are bad (politics just stink!). Evil is everywhere. It’s just this crazy liberal agenda that really get’s me and it smells pure evil! But the problem and BIG setup is the media on both sides that give us skewed facts and truth that only delivers their own agenda’s. Near impossible finding a truthful objective news outlet/media. I am watching Fox media/news, but even with them, sorry, I can regularly see agenda pushing and not reporting objectively.

Darn, for a guy opposed to politics I sure have a lot to say! So, zip it Gert!

Star Trek Discovery pulled from Netflix

Emporer – Philippa Georgia (Discovery)

Now, boy, was I furious when I heard that Star Trek Discovery’s new season (and the whole show) was pulled from Netflix (Paramount+ is consolidating its assets for world wide streaming launch in 2022). I was SO looking forward to it. Yeah, I know I got some issues with the calibre of women in Discovery (except Georgia Phillipa!), but it is still some great sci-fi. At least Apple Tv+ FOUNDATION (Isaac Isomov) is making up for some fresh new epic sci-fi. Now just waiting for Piccard Season II and more of Seven of Nine.

Isaac Isomov’s – FOUNDATION series

My man-cave.

Got myself a Lazyboy chair for my man cave home theatre and upgraded my projector to a JVC laser projector and a Marantz 9.2 Dolby Atmos receiver. So I am styling in crisp 4K. Just watched the new DUNE last night in 4K in my home theatre…oh boy!

But must say, feeling so guilty about money spend with new lockdown looming. Just after I upgraded my home theatre, this Omnicron nonsense started! This is not a time to spend but to hold on to every sent! Eish!

But at least I can sit now in my home theatre watching glorius laser 4K with thundering Dolby Atmos 9.2 channels while crying my eyes out over money spend – lol. For all I know I die next year. And then at least I had the opportunity to have the experience. Darn, that is no good way to reason!

Older body coaching

And off course those of you who want to join my coaching for the older guy (I am now 57), my systems are specifically engineered for the older body. Everything from the diets, to supplements, to training to the natural T-management system is focussed on creating the optimum environment for growth and fat loss for the older male body.

This is how you can look after 50…

Click the following link to see all systems and coaching avialble – the two best options I want to recommend is option 3 and 4 (ADVANCED SYSTEM II, home edition and gym edition): https://gertlouw.com/contact-me/

And then off course I have prepared an ORDERS page that contains all the supplements, TRT, training equipment (etc) links where to get what safely over the internet from trustworthy sites: https://gertlouw.com/supplements-order/

Happy training guys and merry Christmas to you all and a blessed 2022. 

Watch out for my next video in late January 2022.

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  1. Just wanted to offer a word of encouragement. I know you are a follower of Christ. Again and again we are told marvel not that the world hates you. All the things we are seeing now were foretold in scripture. As an American, I’m equally discouraged. It’s heartbreaking. But I have a better home being built and a better hope that will never fade. Gert, across all of time and space, God selected YOU to be born now and to be here, in SA and the US. We could have been born at a nicer, more delicate time. But He chose us for such a time as this. So take hope. You have a purpose. Point people to the hope of Christ while you still can. Don’t waver. Stand firm. Those two words appear all over scripture. You are making a difference in so many lives. Stand firm, root yourself in scripture, resist fear.

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