Training program for MAX muscle growth

After many requests I finally made a video on my building phase training program. This is the program I follow to add maximum muscle mass.

No fancy stuff, hardcore and sticking to the basics with lots of compound moves.

  • I train only 4 days a week due to the heavy intensity lifting.
  • My Training days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • My rest days are Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Before every training session I will do a 10 min warm-up with light weights.

Cardio? Well what you must accept is that cardio is a MUSCLE KILLER!
Your muscle size will be directly equivalent to the amount of cardio you do. More cardio = smaller muscles no matter how good you train or diet.

So in the building phase I severely limit cardio (in fact I am not doing any!).

My body-fat levels are solely determined by my building phase diet:

My weight is 90.3kg right now and at 1.75m tall that is a lot of muscle and my heaviest ever, so I am moving into new territory…nice!


Here follows the video I did – hope u enjoy and maybe learn something…

Click on the following link to view video: “Training program for MAX muscle growth”

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Wish you guys much growth!


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11 thoughts on “Training program for MAX muscle growth

  1. Gert can i use the same program for cutting phase but instead of 3×8 to use 8×12? Or it cant be work?

    1. In actual effect I do the exact same program in both cutting and building.
      For cutting I lower weights with anything 20 – 40% and increase rep range to between 12 – 20 per set and also perform regular supersets in the workout. Key here is that the muscle must not reach absolute failure because this is time for tendon and joint healing and stregthening.

  2. Hi Gert. On your 4 day workout, do you superset on all 4 days, or just on chest/tri, shoulder/traps days. Thank you

    1. Shane – supersets i mainly leave for the cutting phase (because they burn more energy) but every now and then I throw it in with the building phase just to keep my muscles in a guessing environment. So to answer your question – right now in the building phase period I do not superset on any of the days (maybe once every 2 weeks just on 2 exercises back to back…that’s it). But in cutting phase I superset on the majority of exercises…Hope this answers your question? Wish u MUCH growth. G.

      1. Thank you, I really appreciate the advice you give, and love the workout

  3. Thanks Gert, useful info. I found your YouTube channel and have been a follower since January 2015. You have inspired me to be my best. I turned 49 in March and have made it a mission to become fit. Since Jan. I have dropped over 40 lbs. using your blog for inspiration and direction. I have mostly focused on the weight loss and should be at my goal of 220 lbs. by the end of June.
    I will begin the preparation for heavy weight training that you have on your blog probably sometime in the next few weeks so when I do reach my goal weight I will be in the proper condition to start the build phase.

    1. Hey Dennis – What a amazing story – wow man u are busy with a WOW transformation. I truly wish u success my friend. MAKE IT HAPPEN! Thank you for the feedback and may God bless! G.

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