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Yeah, I know…been quiet for a few weeks!

Good reason thought, I am busy with a project trying to raise funds to help save 55 people/families with their monthly income, but check out my next video/article to find out more about what I am doing.

On the fitness side of things, I started posting daily my critical training tips to all my clients (those that signed up for the ADVANCED SYSTEM II). So, if you want the daily training tip emailed to you…sign up!

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But just to give you an idea, let’s look at training tips 5 – 10.

TRAINING TIP #5 – Vitamin D is crucial for overall health, especially lung health. Minimum of 20min sun per day on skin to activate Vitamin D. If your work is such that you cannot get sun exposure during the day, then use a Vit D3 supplement which is already in the converted form ready for absorption.

TRAINING TIP #6 – You cannot continuously punish the body with heavy weights and training to muscle failure. For the older guy this means injuries (tendons, joints, muscle tears). The older body need regular intervals of heavy (Building Phase) and light training (Cutting Phase) to allow for growth and repair/strengthening of joints and tendons.

TRAINING TIP #7 – To place the body in optimal growth territory eat a fruit like a banana or apple after training and drink 20g – 40g protein WHEY with water. This must be done within the first 10 minutes after training. The whey is to provide quick release protein to your system and the fruit is to provide a small insulin spike to help with repair and growth after training.

TRAINING TIP #8 – Muscle soreness for the same muscle group extending beyond 3 days is counterproductive. Then you need to lighten the load and intensity. When too much muscle fiber damage (muscle soreness) has occurred the repair-cycle is too long leaving virtually no time for the growth cycle of the muscle before you hit it again. This could result in no growth or even moving backwards in size and eventually injury. Target should be 2 days muscle soreness after a muscle group was trained in the Building Phase.

TRAINING TIP #9 – Allow one day per week to only focus on the lacking muscle groups. On that day, ONLY train the lacking groups. Example: If the left bicep is smaller than the right one, then ONLY train the left and not the right. Bringing all muscle groups to the same level will have a dramatic impact on your overall aesthetic look.

TRAINING TIP #10 – Your training “attack plan” must be changed regularly (monthly) in order to keep your muscle growth from stagnating. Sticking to the same attack plan will result in muscle growth eventually coming to a halt. Your muscles must be in “guessing mode” and do not know what is coming next. That results in optimal growth response. An easy way to do this is by cycling through the 16 different training techniques.

So guys, there you have it.

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