Skincare for the OLDER guy

Skincare for the older guy

Guys just to give you a little background. Me and wife’s relationship is a bit of me “grossing her out” continuously and she always try to teach me the finer things in life. For example, she will ask me, “Isn’t that the same underwear you wore yesterday?” and my answer will be something like, “Girl, us guys rule is that if you throw it to the roof and it does not stick then it’s ok!”. Ok, lol, not really, but that us how me and wife’s tug-o-war relationship goes.

Being a macho man or “trying” to be a macho man (lol), skincare is not a subject I regularly discuss with other guys and I definitely cannot let her see this video or she will think she won part of the battle. This is waaay to “soft” for me! Next thing is she will start buying me pink underwear! But alas, after quite a few of my followers repeatedly requested me to please do a video on skincare for the older guy…I decided to put my macho pride temporarily in my pocket and let my followers in on my secrets.

I do not consider myself a skin guru, but what I’ve been doing for years is giving me a healthy- looking skin better than some 35 y/old’s and better than 95% of my age group.

Foundation for a healthy skin

First before I start. One thing that forms the foundation for a healthy looking skin and that is that an overall healthy lifestyle plays a big part in how healthy your skin is going to look. The skin of a guy whose hobby is to sit on the couch, smoke and eat McDonalds the whole time is NOT going to look like a guy’s skin, who eat healthy and live a fit life. Looking after the body and keeping it fit and healthy has positive implications for everything, skin, heart, brain, eyesight, erection ability, everything!

Here is my 8-step approach for a healthy skin at and older age.
  1. Healthy diet approach and multi vitamin every-day. Do not underestimate the importance of this. Without proper nutrition the body (and skin) cannot be in optimal health. CLICK HERE for a detailed healthy diet. CLICK HERE for my preferred multi vitamin choice as well as where to order it.
  2. Two glasses filtered water when waking up and then a glass filtered water every hour after that for the whole day. Only by drinking sufficient water can you flush out toxins effectively from your body. The more toxins, the worse your skin will look. Keeping the body sufficiently hydrated has a magnitude of other benefits ranging from healthy kidneys to even helping with fat loss.
  3. No smoking. Smoking kills the skin. NOTHING (not even excessive sun) does so much damage to the skin than smoking. Take a look at your smoking buddy’s skin…it sucks.
  4. Limit sun exposure, especially to the face. If you want a leather looking skin at 50, then go and tan every-day! Excessive sun, like smoking, destroys your skin. Time spend in sun is critical for our Vit D levels but keep it controlled and short – not longer than 20 min dedicated exposure, especially for the older guy. Better approach would be to use a vitamin D3 supplements to ensure your all-important vit D levels are sufficient, especially with Covid-19! Vit-D is extremely important in giving your lungs a fighting chance with any type of lung infection. CLICK HERE for my preferred vit D3 choice and where to order it.
  5. Limit alcohol intake. Excessive alcohol gives the skin an unpleasant red appearance with small red veins visible, especially in the face. A drinker’s skin is NOT a healthy-looking skin. Alcohol once a week, to the max equivalent of 500ml wine.
  6. After shower each day, I do a full body (except head) “light” bio-oil application. Neck to toe application, every hook and cranny. CLICK HERE for my preferred choice of bio-oil and where to buy it online.
  7. For the face (and head) and hands a good skin hydration cream after shower. No need for those super-expensive stuff, just a basic good hydration cream. CLICK HERE for my preferred choice of hydration cream and where to buy it online.
  8. Now for my “secret”. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is the single most important skin friendly supplement you will ever find. It keeps the skin young and elastic looking, deep into your 70’s if you take it on a regular basis. Morning 1 x 250mg and 1 evening 1 x 250mg. The earlier in life you start the better the end-result. CLICK HERE for my preferred choice of ALA and where to buy it online.

Then off course HGH is claimed to have rejuvenation properties, especially for skin. That is an experiment I have not done, so maybe if any of my followers have some feedback on this, please enlighten us.

My biggest problem I am struggling with regarding skincare is the puffy bags under my eyes. That unfortunately is due to my kidneys since age 40 only functioning at 50%. But if any of you guys have a magic trick, please enlighten us!

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Keep that skin healthy guys, it is the only one you got!

Stay safe everyone!

Gert Louw

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