The muscled guy’s guide to a long and happy marriage

The bodybuilder’s guide to a lasting marriage

Do bodybuilders have it more difficult keeping a relationship than the average guy? Quite possibly. Remember, for us bodybuilders it is all about the body beautiful, shaping it, curving it, and making the good look even better. This naturally means we are between a lot of people who take care of their bodies. And usually, such people look sexier and better than those that don’t look after themselves. So, our temptations are way more than the average guy’s temptations. When we train, we are surrounded by sexy bodies, and this extends to our social circle because we tend to mingle with like-minded individuals.

Thus, if we want to have a lasting relationship and long marriage with our life partner, we need a few rules that we must follow to protect that which we care most about and to keep us out of trouble.

Just 5 rules…just 5 to keep you out of trouble guys! Just 5 to keep you happy in life. NOTHING can make you so unhappy as a broken relationship. Especially if you really care about the one you have hurt because you could not keep your training shorts on!

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Those 5 lifesaving rules.

  1. STEROIDS! First, you need to keep the woman in your life happy. That means especially in bed. Now, this is where the waters become a bit murky for us bodybuilders. Most bodybuilders at some point venture the route of steroids. The quest is to get bigger and well that is what steroids do. But, what most of these guys don’t know and what no one in the locker room is telling you is that NOTHING messes up Mr. Pecker’s performance like steroids. For a month or two, you might feel like Mr. Gigolo himself while doing steroids. But then it is going to fade, and you do not know why. You will not even be in the mood anymore. And well, you will struggle (severely) getting it up. Not even the blue pill will be strong enough to get you out of this predicament. And when you decided to stop with the steroids you will find that it even gets worse. It can take months, sometimes years to correct. I have many, many guys I am coaching to get past this hurdle, and believe me it is a slow and not easy process. This is the quickest way to get your woman unhappy. You might not have a wandering eye, but if your woman is left unsatisfied year in and year out due to your steroid antics, then that muscled body of yours means squat! Eventually, you going to have serious relationship problems unless you change your ways drastically! Doing good old TRT at 100mg per week is fine but anything more than that and you WILL encounter problems somewhere down the road, most of the time HUGE problems.
  2. Socializing with the bros only! Sexist, well, probably is. But believe me, that is a crucial rule. If you chat at the gym regularly with these sexy, perfect body girls (even just platonically) then the time is going to come, sooner than later, when you and your wife had a huge fight (which means nothing because EVERY marriage on this earth has huge fights now and then – relationship grows through fights and resolving them) and you are sexually frustrated, horny and very mad at the wife and this sexy woman is standing in front of you and making eye contact…dude, that is trouble! Here I don’t care what you say…this is a lifesaving rule for your marriage. Gamble with this and I guarantee you, you will fall in the future. We guys simply cannot control our impulses when we reached a certain point. Keep socializing with girls in the gym and out of the gym to the very limit. Only when your wife is at your side can you allow yourself to socialize with them. I know a lot of you are going to laugh at his point…but do not say I did not warn you.
  3. Words that are not allowed in your dictionary when married. I’ve mentioned in point 2 that it is inevitable for you and your wife to have somewhere down the road, big (sometimes huge) fights. Off course, there are a lot of rules about how one needs to fight respectfully with your loved one, but this is not the purpose of this video. Rather, what I want to focus on here, is the “fast-food” concept these days that we can hop from marriage to marriage with a “McDonalds fast food” divorce concept of our society. The word and concept of “divorce” should not form part of your dictionary. It should not exist even as an option. You have married for life. One can only married truly once in life and give yourself once completely to a life partner. I do not want to hear how you guys now hate each other and cannot live together anymore. You married that girl, and we’re head over heels in love with her. You could not be without her. NOTHING has changed. You and she are still the same people. It is you (and her) that is deciding superficially to not like the other person anymore. And you know what? It is nearly always a matter of selfishness or having a wandering eye that sees only the “nice” in someone else you like and only the ”bad” in your partner. When you read this article, look into yourself. The problem lies with you. Turn around and treat that girl again as if she is a princess. Give her love, give her attention, give her flowers and kisses, and DO things with her. Spend time with her. You loved her once to death, NOTHING HAVE CHANGED. Throwing her away at this point will start a cycle where you will do it repeatedly. There is NOT something like perfect relationships and love, it takes hard work and asks for maturity. You will just create a LOT of pain for yourself.
  4. Your life partner MUST be your best friend. Thinking that the sexy body, lust, and great sex are all that matters and will keep forever? Dude, that is chemicals in your brain! That brain chemical high is going to fade. It cannot stay at the same levels, that is not how our brain works, it is physically not possible! When that is disappearing is usually when most people drive to the “fast food” divorce outlet. You need to DO things together. Have adventures together! Your partner must be your confidant, your soulmate, your life companion, your best friend, and the one you lean on when you are sad and when the world gets too much. Just DO things together!
  5. Stop following the world and get a moral center. I know many guys going to lift an eyebrow here, but if you want a piece of wisdom for a happy and long marriage (I am going for 34 years now), this is it. You cannot expect to follow the world in all its ways and moods and expect to have a long healthy marriage! My wife and I decided to build our moral center on the rock of faith. Jesus Christ is our moral center. Whenever we face turmoil in our marriage, that is where we go to find answers and guidance, not the world. This is probably the most important of all the points. Without a strong moral center, to which both you and your wife adhere, it becomes inevitable to make the wrong choices, be selfish, sleep around, and destroy relationships. Because THAT is what the world tells you. That is the moral center the world aspires to, Selfishness, sexual freedom, and doing what you like and want.

Lol, that was quite a heavy piece! But things that matter in life always are. I hope this will help some of you. If you need a shoulder to lean on…my email is

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Now guys, go out there and make that girl you care about happy. Make her feel like a princess again. There was a point in your life when you could not live or breathe without her! She is still that very same girl!

Train hard and be blessed, everyone.

Gert Louw

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