Why an over-40 guy MUST know his blood T-levels

This is the 6th article in the :”100” video/article series on Mission Critical transformation concepts for the older guy.

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What is this article about?

This article is going to discuss the following statement: “Every over-40 years of age guy should get his blood testosterone levels (TOTAL and FREE) checked every 2 years.”

Watching my videos, this will be a familiar tune. But, I view this a critical component in the transformation journey for an older guy and have to include it in the “100” video series.

My focus will be two-fold in this article:

  1. Now, why-oh-why is this so important?
  2. Plus, you might say “but I never want to do steroids anyway!”.

“But, I do NOT want to do steroids!”

Let’s looks at point 2 and settle this right at the start. 

If you got low T-levels it does not mean you HAVE to go on TRT treatment. There is a lot of ways to increase your Low T levels without going the TRT avenue. I have written an article on a science based low-T attack plan, which is a step-by-step approach on how to raise T-levels for the older guy. Here is the link: T-MANAGE PLAN

Only after you diligently applied Tier 1, Tier 2 and the Tier 3 solutions of the T-MANAGE plan and your blood testosterone levels are still low, only THEN does TRT become a possible necessity. By far the majority of guys can correct their blood testosterone levels by simply applying Tier 1-3 of the T-MANAGE plan.

Secondly, when a doctor prescribe you TRT (also called HRT) and the dosage is within TRT acceptable medical treatment parameters (weekly dose not exceeding 125mg), then it is NOT (!) juicing or doing steroids. Then your doctor is treating a medical condition and simply normalising your blood testosterone levels.

(For the sake of those that still don’t know) low-T levels in men can cause or lead to the following symptoms (ref: MAYO CLINIC) : 

  • Reduced sex drive.
  • Reduced erectile function.
  • Loss of body hair.
  • Less beard growth.
  • Loss of lean muscle mass.
  • Loss of bone mass (osteoporosis).
  • Feeling very tired all the time (fatigue).
  • Obesity (being overweight).
  • Symptoms of depression.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Hot flushes.
  • It can even cause heart problems!

So, anyone telling you, that you are juicing or have an unfair advantage or that you are doing steroids when on a doctor prescribed TRT is, simply put, uneducated and uninformed. What the doctor did when he prescribed TRT is simply to normalise your low-T levels and give you a quality of life in your older age.

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Why is it so important to know your T-levels?

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at point 1, WHY is it so important for the older guy to know his blood testosterone levels? Now, off course, you want to avoid above listed Low-T symptoms! But for us older guys on a body transformation or muscle building quest, much more important is the fact that when we have low T, we will not be able to build muscle or lose fat, or it will be extremely difficult at best! For optimal muscle growth and fat loss for the older guy, your blood T-levels must be in the upper 20% of what is considered normal. Any lower than that and you will have to work very, very hard for very little return.

The problem is that for the older guy to get his body to respond optimally for a body/muscle transformation, one needs to start digging into some real science and learn how to apply that knowledge and wisdom.

The bottom line is, when the older guy ignore the importance of knowing his blood T-levels (and get it tested ever 2 years after turning 40), then he will put in an immense worthless effort with his body transformation for NOTHING. I refuse to follow that path. I get mine tested every 2 years and do what needs to be done to get it raised, and that is also my whole approach with my transformation coaching for my clients.

These days you don’t even have to visit the doctors to get your blood T-levels. There are medical grade home testing kits making it a very simple and even cheaper process than going to the doctor. Just check the T-MANAGE-PLAN for the link of the HOME TESTING T-KIT.

Do NOT underestimate this guys. When over 40 and especially over 50 and going on a muscle/body transformation journey it becomes a MISSION CRITICAL requirement for you to know your exact blood testosterone levels.

Incorporating T-Manage into my coaching

So all the science to get the older body to respond optimally is incorporated into my groundbreaking ADVANCED SYSTEM II coaching. I even help my clients interpreting the lab work reports from a body transformation point of view. The ADVANCED SYSTEM II is my coaching system specifically developed for the older guy and addressing ALL these issues, especially testosterone management – you can signup or find out more HERE.

I’ve posted enough videos and mentioned specific large scale science studies on TRT to provide you with the necessary ammunition when visiting your doctor. My advise, when dealing with a close minded doctor is, keep searching till you find one that actually adheres to current science! Usually a sports doctor (one specialising in treating athletes) or an Urologists are better bets when it touches on anything hormonal with men. 

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Gert Louw from Cape Town – signing off!

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