The TRUTH about TRT

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There is a lot of loud noise out there about TRT. And yes, a lot of studies is coming out, but none that can bring finality to an ongoing tug-of-war between opposing parties.

The bottom line is, a man without testosterone is not a man. You might be fine with it, I am not! I want to be a man and all that a man stands for! Strong, muscular, warrior, family protector, leader and a virile husband.

So whatever science throws at us, this is the absolute line in the sand…do you want to be a man or are we happy to live with more estrogen in your blood than a woman and all the feminine consequences?

Now, let’s look at some of the main tug-of-war TRT opinions out there vs. the real facts:

  1. TRT use in men will lead to package shrinking.

THE TRUTH: TRT use will eventually result in total shutdown of your own testosterone factories (testis). This will slowly result in testicular shrinkage and if left untreated will eventually be irreversal. IT DOES NOT AFFECT THE PENIS SIZE!

The problem with the current prescribed TRT treatments (even by highly knowledgable doctors/Urologists) are the fact that they do not even consider the simultaneous use of HCG with the TRT treatment. I struggle to comprehend the logic they apply. HCG is the key component to ensure that the testis, while on TRT, does not shut-down while keeping its size and functionality. Unfortunately, HCG does not yet form part of the medical community’s concept of TRT treatment. Very shortsighted. However, I am confident this will change in future and HCG and TRT will be part of the same treatment program (far future).

To keep testis functional in a TRT environment, one typically uses 250iu to 500iu HCG every 2ndday. Will it keep testis in original size? Sadly no, it will probably let you keep 80% of size which is very acceptable for most guys. HCG is considered a very safe product by most measures, but it should only be used under doctor supervision, similar to TRT. But, since the medical community has not yet reached this insight for combo TRT+HCG treatment, most guys are left to their own devices and turn to the black-market to obtain HCG. You might find a progressive thinking doctor or Urologist out there that will give you this combo treatment prescription, but sadly most won’t because for the medical community the light is yet to go on.

  1. TRT use in men under the age of 45 can cause infertility.

Even CNBC recently discussed this in a news item.

THE TRUTH: TRT treatment in men cause the sperm production to stop completely. There have even been studies on the possibility to use TRT (or similar regimen’s) as a male contraceptive. Sadly, these studies never really produced viable solutions.

Any male, no matter their age, when using TRT or any other form of testosterone replacement will be infertile for as long as he is using the testosterone. However, if this is short term and the usage is stopped, fertility returns as soon as the testis reached it’s normal full production again. But when TRT is used for extended periods (without HCG!) then the testis will eventually reach a point of no return from where it cannot recover again to normality. Again, this is due to the short-sightedness of the medical community, who is yet to realize the importance of HCG while on any form of TRT treatment.

  1. TRT is juicing.

THE TRUTH: With respect, anyone mentioning these words have NO IDEA what he or she is talking about. Low testosterone levels has been classified as a serious medical condition for men which results in deep depressive states, low energy, overweight, low muscle size, bone density problems and even potential heart problems and not to even mention the sexual related problems. Juicing is abusing (use more than intended) testosterone for the sole purpose to add muscle. TRT under doctor supervision is treating a serious medical condition!

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  1. TRT is expensive

THE TRUTH: This is what your doctor will tell you. According to him it will be in excess to $200 US per treatment (more than R2000 South African Rand). Although he won’t be lying, it is not true either. He is referring to Nebido. It is a 4ml vial of a specific testosterone blend which is injected once every 6-10 weeks and it is expensive (!). Ever heard of this conspiracy theory that doctors only prescribe the most expensive meds because they get kickback? Well I do not believe in conspiracy theories but this makes one wonder because most doctors will suggest that as first choice and not even mention other much better and cheaper choices. Testo Depot is readily available from pharmacies and is a 10ml solution which lasts you 10 weeks (100ml per week) and costs about $50 US (R800 in South African Rand). It is actually much more effective than Nebido (on various levels) and the weekly injection keeps your levels much more stable. It is also the preferred choice as prescription for guys struggling with ED due to low test levels. Then off course there are black market products like Ciccone Pharma Test E (Testosterone Enanthate which is similar to Testo Depot) which will cost you $35 US (R275) for a 10ml vial which lasts more than 20 weeks due to a higher concentration at 250mg per 1 ml. Off course black market products are not regulated and as such ALWAYS carries a risk. How big a risk? Well, most guys are prepared to take the risk and very, very few regret it. But it is not without risk. To stay safe, I suggest you stick to the well-known big black market brands. Steer completely clear from the small new brands. That could have been made and packaged in someone’s backyard! So, when a doctor tells you it is expensive, educate him about the options and also educate him about the need for HCG. You might just be lucky and have a progressive thinking doctor that actually listens. But on this point, NEVER visit your house doctor and think he will be knowledgeable. He knows squat about this. You’re not gonna get any happiness from him. The only people who have knowledge are the doctors that specializes in treating athletes and sportsmen and then off course Urologists.

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  1. TRT can be replaced by a natural approach.

THE TRUTH: Many factors play a part here. For some a natural approach will and can produce results but for some it will not be enough to rectify the problem. For such people TRT is the only answer. The only way to know is to get a series of regular bloodwork done to monitor blood testosterone levels. Obviously natural healthy approaches must always be exhausted before one ventured the route of a medical solution. To this effect I have written an article discussing the steps one can take for a natural solution. Note, this article discuss steps supported by science and NOT hollow fake advertisements about “wonder pills”. Here is the link to the article:

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Some recent TRT studies claimed potential heart problems as a result of TRT use. However, these studies used TRT quantities way above what is used in a normal TRT environment. So, these claims and results is more in-line with actual steroid use!

Some previous studies which were done on TRT weekly dosages not exceeding 125mg actually showed the opposite, that TRT is good for the heart. Up to 125mg of testosterone (weekly) is considered the safe use of TRT. More than that and it can raise the Haemoglobin levels (and Hematocrit) of the blood which can lead to other problems over the long term – blood clots and hardened arteries.

What we must remember is that testosterone is as healthy for the male body as water. Too much water can even kill you. It is all about balance. Using water in the correct quantities for your body is very healthy, so is testosterone. Exceeding those quantities and you ask for very serious problems.

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So, guys, be all the man you can be!

Happy training

Gert Louw

NOTE: You must work through a health care provider to prescribe TRT and HCG and monitor your vitals while on treatment. This document is just for informational purposes.


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