The TRUTH about TRT 1
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The TRUTH about TRT

There is a lot of loud noise out there about TRT. And yes, a lot of studies is coming out, but none that can bring finality to an ongoing tug-of-war between opposing parties.

The bottom line is, a man without testosterone is not a man. You might be fine with it, I am not! I want to be a man and all that a man stands for! Strong, muscular, warrior, family protector, leader and a virile husband.

So whatever science throws at us, this is the absolute line in the sand…do you want to be a man or are we happy to live with more estrogen in your blood than a woman and all the feminine consequences?

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Leg training for guys with really bad knees 2
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Leg training for guys with really bad knees

Leg training for the older guys is very problematic especially when struggling with knee problems. Here is a way around it!

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