Want to Maximize your Golden Years?

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Want to Maximize Your Golden Years?

Here’s How to Take Back Control of Your Health

It’s understandable why seniors would feel out of control when it comes to their health. Aging happens and there’s nothing you can do about it, so that must mean that every negative thing that comes with aging must not be preventable either — right? Wrong. Small actions can add up to big positive changes in your physical and mental health. Here’s how to take back control and ensure your golden years are the best years of your life.

Push Yourself to Try New Things

Before you begin to tackle the rest of your body, you should figure out how to insulate your brain from the cognitive decline associated with aging. One of the best ways to do this is to give it something new to learn. This keeps existing neural pathways firing and can even help create new ones! Finding a new hobbycan work, as can reading or playing a musical instrument. Playing games and working puzzles are also known to help boost brain functionin seniors. 

Stop Eating Like You Don’t Care

It’s a fact of life for some that our food decisions become a lax as we age. That’s unfortunate, as seniors should be putting extra focus into daily nutrition, not less. The most obvious reason is to maintain a healthy weight, which has been proven to improvequantity and quality of life. 

But it goes beyond weight. Seniors need particular vitamins and nutrients to counteract the negative effects of aging. For example, you need calcium for bone health. You need to reduce inflammation for arthritis and joint pain. You require more iron and fiber than younger people. Start with a balanced diet and add in extra nutrients when needed (talk to your doctor). Here’s what a week of balanced eatinglooks like for reference. 

Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand, so while you’re taking control of what you eat, add in daily exercise. Thirty minutes a day can help you reap the benefits of physical activity

Take Charge of Your Health (and Preventive) Care

Waiting around to get sick and then reacting to it is a mistake many seniors often make. You should take charge of your healthcare, and a lot of that means forming a good relationship with your doctor and keeping up with your screenings, tests, and checkups. As a senior, you probably have Medicare, so it’s paramount that you look into getting the most you can out of your coverage. That may mean supplementing your health insurance to cover dental, vision, and extra preventative care. A Medicare Advantage plan or other supplemental coverage may be required, so be sure to see what options are availablein your state.

Kick the Two Most-Damaging Bad Habits

There are plenty of bad habits out there, but there are two that stand above the rest in terms of shortening lifespan and making what years you have terrible. Taking control of your health means having the courage to stop smoking and excessively drinking. There are many reasons why it’s hard to stopthese habits (genetic factors, addiction, stress, social pressure), but the benefits of clean living are so great that it must become a top priority. It’s not just cancer, liver problems, and heart disease. Smoking, according to Harvard Health, can negatively affectmemory function as well. Do it for your body and mind. 

You’ve lived long enough to know that the world is what you make of it. Make your life better by taking charge of your physical and mental health.

By Jason Lewis

Photo by Unsplash

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