For the last week I’ve been doing something new.

I’ve read about this new “surprise” fitness study which discuss the benefits of taking a paracetamol tablet before intense workout/aerobic.
This allows the athlete to train longer,since the effect of paracetamol is to keep the body temperature lower for longer thus allowing the athlete a much more effective session.

So I decided to test this theory….I got nothing to loose because it is a very safe painkiller and at my age…well, there are MANY pains and aches to contend with during training.

I started taking my one tablet 40 minutes before training for the past week
and I believe it elevated my training to a new level. I now train with
significant higher intensity for longer and also feel less pain
throughout the training…next day muscle soreness is also significantly
less than normal.

My max weight has also drastically increased on all excercises (between 10% to 20%)…but I believe it to be an outflow of the above positive factors.

Regarding the safety of it…well paracetamol is just about the safest of all painkiller tablets and is very easy on both kidneys and liver. I think the importance is not to take more than one tablet and to take it only on training days.

Try it and let me know if u agree with me.

Since I’ve started training (for the past 8 years) I believe it to be the single thing that made the most difference for me in my training…but maybe it is just me?

Anyway…happy training!