DUDE talk 1
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DUDE talk

video series about guy talk and related stuff…anything goes.

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Confusing bodybuilding terms for newbies! 2
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Confusing bodybuilding terms for newbies!

For the newbies who are totally confused by all these bodybuilding terms…here are the basic ones to get you started!

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Acquiring the winning mindset to transform your body. 3
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Acquiring the winning mindset to transform your body.

Nearly all of us have this dream to be the best we can be. Too have a great, ripped, muscled physique that impresses and exudes health, wealth and happiness. We seemed to have been programmed with this urge and I believe that to be true…we are created in the image of God.

But back to reality, life is difficult. Work, school, studying, marriage, family, kids, meetings and a rat race trying to stay ahead and on top.

We easily make decisions at the beginning of a new year or after being inspired by someone to reach for that dream body we so much want.

And sure, that is the first and most important step each of us have to take on the road to success BUT, and this is a very big BUT, 99% of those taking this first step have not acquired and mastered the mindset that needs to be in place to push through to reach goal and beyond.

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