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Here you will find links to order my preferred supplements and training apparel online through AMAZON and other sites. The list of supplements is compiled from all the articles on my site which means if you want to find out more, simply click the search icon on the top right of every page on my site and type in the supplement name and you will get a list of all articles where applicable supplement is discussed.


Equipment, body monitoring and gear

14-day Body Monitoring tools
Training gear
Basic Home training equipment
GEAR / JUICING - use at own risk!
  • Viagra / Testosterone Enanthate / Masteron / Primobolan Depot / Tenbolone / Nolvadex & more – CLICK HERE TO ORDER  (USE “gertfitness” coupon code for 12%discount)
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    • You are urged to read my article on the subject before venturing any anabolic route: CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY ARTICLE ON STEROIDS.
    • All anabolics should be used under doctors supervision.

SUPPLEMENTS discussed on my site

Crucial supplements - bodybuilding
Crucial supplements - health & skincare
Pain and anti-cancer management - RSO and CBD oil

Testosterone Management

Crucial Supplements & hormone testing kits
Secondary supplements (all for healthy T-levels)
  • Avena Sativa – Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of Avena Sativa
  • Urtica Dioica / Stinging Nettles – Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of Urtica Doioca
  • Carao (from the Cassia Grandis Plant) – Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of Carao
  • Muira Puama – Here is my preferred choice on AMAZON of Muira Puama
  • TRT (Testosterone Enanthate) – CLICK HERE TO ORDER
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    • On the site, search Testosterone Enanthate‘ and choose an EU warehouse brand product. 
    • TRT must not exceed 125mg per week.
    • Trustworthy and discrete site supplying internationally.
    • TRT are used at your own risk!


Anabolics / Steroids / TRT / Viagra / HGH / and more...
  • To order: CLICK HERE (Finest Gear)
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  • Anabolics used at your own risk.
  • All anabolics should be under doctors supervision.
Peptides and SARMS
  • To order: CLICK HERE (Spectre Labs)
  • Use coupon code ‘gertfitness‘ for site-wide 12% discount.
  • Peptides and SARM’s used at your own risk.
  • Discuss the use of this products with your doctor first.

The above links – ALL TRUSTED WEBSITES.

Remember, I am outspoken against most supplements. So, when I list it here, I’ve verified that it has the necessary science studies to back it up. These supplements/products carry my stamp of approval for the older guy.

But wisdom dictates that you always to get your doctors approval before any changes in your supplement/meds regime.

Stay safe in these scary times and be vigilant.

Gert Louw