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  1. Hi Gert,
    I been watching, and following you for few months now, and I took some good advice from you, I been on and off gym for years, and never get were I’m now, since a year.
    I started about 18 months ago H. 172cm W.98kg age 48, I join in a ultimate training in lesmils gym New Zealand 10 weeks later I lost 12kg.
    I keep going to a gym near my home, and pretty much following your advices on diet, and , I also keep motivate my self watching other body builders on youtube.
    I’m training about 2 hours 4 to 5 days per week, now I’m age 49, 73kg, but my aim is to get better ripped, and build few more cm. Of muscle.
    So here I’m finally writing to you, and last, but not least I really want to congratulate you on your achievement you are a true inspiration, the way you explain on your youtube chanel it’s easy to understand, and by the way you carefully choose your word, I can tell you are a very good person.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and experience with all of us.
    Angelo C.

    1. Hey Angelo – awesome to hear you are making great progress. Keep on climbing that ladder it is a great journey!
      I thank you for your feedback, it really is much appreciated.

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