• MIKE PALMER (43 y/o). Entry fee: PAID, Stats: Outstanding, Photos: Outstanding
  • FRANS VAN NIEKERK (42 y/o). Entry fee: PAID, Stats: Outstanding, Photos: Outstanding
  • AMRO ALTAHLAWI (42 y/o). Entry fee: PAID, Stats: Outstanding, Photos: Outstanding
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The 45 guys in the GFIT 2022 challenge

These are the 45 guys (over 40 y/o) busy making SERIOUS transformations.

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The GFIT 2022 for over 40 guys is on the roll and started 1st June 2022. It is a 6-month period whereby these guys are going to do their damn-dest to re-invent their physiques. [GFIT a yearly transformation challenge for over 40 guys and a separate one for girls]

A facebook support group ( – unfortunately a private group focused only on the GFIT participants – wanna be part of this group? JOIN GFIT 2023!) has been created for them and believe me they are eager, they are determined and they are focused. We even got a GFIT 2022 shirt designed (thanks Rudi! Anyone wants a high quality GFIT 2022 shirt – let me know:

I will be reporting back on the guy’s progress via articles/videos 3 times during the next 6 months. At end of month 2, end of month 4 and end of month 6. 

Let me introduce them to you.

The guys over 60.

Now, these guys I am particularly following closely. I am 58 in 2 months time and soon I will be in the 60+ territory. So, to all the following 60+ guys…MAKE ME PROUD and show me what can be done past 60!

  • Kevin Peterson – 64
  • Nigel Dams – 63
  • Neil Sutton – 61
  • Deon Cloete – 60
The guys 51-60

My age group…guys in this age group can still achieve some great transformation results but with some wisdom and care. The body is more fragile past 50, especially past 55. The pains and aches more prevalent and injuries much more common. With wisdom one can beat this “fragility”!

  • Craig Bennett – 58
  • Tony Preston – 58 
  • Shawn Ayala – 55
  • Pierre van der Merwe – 55
  • Dr Kamal Dholakia – 54
  • Rhys Chapman – 54
  • Chris Sapp – 53
  • Steven Johnson – 53
  • Edwin Pajero – 52
  • Brad Watkins – 51
  • Kevin Blight – 51
The guys celebrating their big 50

Your 50th birthday and just reaching that goal in life is a big deal. For me it was the point when I looked very near my best ever. So guys, make this a special year! Train hard, eat wisely and organize yourself a photoshoot after all your hard work. You need some proof of what you have achieved!

  • Gregory Sloan – 50
  • Warren Renaud – 50 
  • Randall Lovitt – 50
  • Ramon Britz – 50
  • Kenneth Nuss – 50
The guys 45-50

For me the age 45-50 was when I achieved my best growth. There is some unwanted older age pain and aches but usually one can still train fairly easily to absolute failure and punish the body into growth, especially if your blood testosterone levels are healthy.

  • Angelo Feltrin – 49
  • Marcos Gomez – 48  
  • Marc Bayley – 47 
  • John Thomas – 47
  • Ryan Clifford – 47
  • Chris Chilton – 47  
  • Travis Horton – 46
  • Olivier Beghain – 46
  • Kelvin Griffin – 45 
  • Dean van Zyl – 45 
The guys 43-44

Age 43-44 is perfect growth age. The body has reached full maturity and HGH and T-levels are usually still good for growth and fat loss. I expect some great results from this group.

  • James Hockley – 44
  • Fahd Habeeb – 44 
  • Julius Bythewood – 44 
  • Mike Palmer – 43
  • Mark Kemp – 43
  • Rik Thirsk – 43
  • Rudi Maree – 43  
The young ones (40-42)

Ahh man, 40-42, what I will not give to be in this group! This is considered young. The body is fully matured and ready to grow. You will probably be never again have the ability you have now, to grow and lose fat like you have at this age. MAKE USE OF IT guys! I want to see crazy results from this group.

  • Sam Georgeson – 42 
  • Amro Altahlawi – 41
  • Bobby Gallegos – 41 
  • Robert Watson – 40
  • Cristian Constantin – 40 
  • Rodney Peters – 40 
  • Craig Hockley – 40 
  • Juan Odendaal – 40 
And the lone ranger (below 40)!

Yip, true as Bob! This guy is obviously disqualified and cannot win any prizes, but he ask very nicely to be entered and said all he want, if he did great, is just a mention in the video. So, I expect he will be joining the GFIT 2023 and be fully eligible then!

  • Sean Materi – 39 (come on guys, we cannot let this youngster beat us!)

What must these guys do in GFIT?

All these guys received a tracking logbook which they must complete every 14 days while on the journey. They also received a diet template and training template. The guys is allowed to use any diet or training approach but I do give recommendations.

At end of month 2, month 4 and 6 a copy of the logbook must be emailed to me as well as updated progress photos of front and back.

Each of them are also invited to join the GFIT2022 Facebook support group. This is a VERY IMPORTANT support mechanism where we help each other, provide inspiration and lift each other up. No one get shamed not matter how you look. Only positive vibes…

Some of these guys even went so far to buy the focused 6 month customized system (option 2) which should give them a head-start.

GFIT 2023 now open for entries

So, you missed the boat for GFIT 2022. Bummer! But the good news is GFIT 2023 will be from dates 1 June 2023 to 30 Nov 2023. Entries are open. If interested, just send me email to and your spot can be reserved.

Guys I expect you to put everything in. Soon the girls are going to have their own GFIT and I do NOT want them to beat us dudes. War of the sexes will begin soon.

Asking you to help me change a lost soul’s life…

Lastly, I support the following small charity – ONEWAY SOBERLIVING. These guys operate here in local Cape Town streets (a close friend of mine), helping those young people whose lives have been destroyed by drugs. The help those who have nowhere to turn too, no home, no place to stay and people who have lost everything in life, including hope. They assist them, clean them up and give them new hope in life. PLEASE help me raise money for them. Each donation makes a HUGE difference in some lost soul’s life. To make a donation and read more about them CLICK HERE

Interested in the older body INTELLIGENT coaching, CLICK HERE.

Now, guys…show us what you can do in this 6 months! I need to be unseated as king of the hill – lol!

Gert Louw

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