Guys…I am launching for 2021 the ‘G-FIT’ BODY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE for all over 40 guys (not just my clients). ALL VIA THE INTERNET.

It is all about the older guy showing what can be done when dedicated under a 12 month period.

Now guys, this is NOT about winning but about making use of this opportunity to focus your mind to get the winning mindset to make this transformation happen this year!


To ENTER, you need to do 2 things:

  1. Sending your BEFORE photo (full length – just boxer shorts, relaxed) and your STATS (see below) to email: BEFORE 31st July 2021.
  2. Paying a $25 US entry fee. However this is optional and I do not want this to stand in your way to take part in this challenge. The entry fee money will be used to increase the prize money on top of what I already sponsor. Entry fee’s can be paid here: GoFundMe GFIT2021 [use NAME  and SURNAME as reference]

The last thing you need to do to complete your entry is sending your AFTER photo and stats to before or on 1st Dec 2021.

Both before and after photos (full length in boxer shorts/briefs and relaxed) must be taken during 2021. With the before and after photo you must also take measurements in inches or cm’s of  

  • Biceps (largest area – flexed)  
  • Chest (nipple height)  
  • Waist (navel height)   
  • Upper legs (largest area)
  • Body weight on the scale 

All before photos and stats must be emailed on or before 31 July 2021 to – 31 July 2021 is the cutoff date for entries. Those entered must then email after photos and stats to no later than 1st Dec 2021. 

The top 15 guys will then be selected for a youtube video according to progress simply based on stats, nothing else. 

A youtube video will then be made showcasing the top 15 guys and their transformation. The viewers will then vote on the contender who they think made the biggest difference in body shape – aesthetically. The stats will count 50% and the voting will count 50%. Scores will then be tallied and the winners will be rewarded prizes. 


Apart from money for prices sponsored by GertFITNESS, I am also launching a GoFundMe project for the G-FIT contest to help us getting a decent sum of prize money – CLICK HERE to go to the GoGetFunding project and PLEASE sponsor a small amount so we can get some decent prizes together for the guys.Any other sponsorship like clothing or supplementation also most welcome – please contact me via email (

For starters I will, out of my own pocket allocated the following amounts for the winners:

  • 1st place: $200 US 
  • 2nd place: $100 US 
  • 3rd place: $50 US 
  • 4th place: $25 US 
  • 5th place: $25 US 

BUT (!) we want to increase that drastically with all type of sponsorships – watch this space…

You thus have a solid 10 months to transform. LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN GUYS!

YouTube player

List of over 40 guys who committed to the challenge so far:

  1. Mark Kemp (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  2. Deon Cloete (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  3. Trent Batten (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  4. Barron Woods (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  5. Scott Gibson (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  6. Rik Thirsk (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  7. Warren Renaud (BEFORE photo & stats received) – OUT [unforseen circumstances]
  8. Ryan Leffingwell (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  9. Fabian Baird (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  10. Michael De Beer (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  11. Gregory Sloan (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  12. Cam Tesone (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  13. Samir Shah (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  14. Rudi Maree (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  15. Craig Bennet (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  16. Amr Altahlawi (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  17. Ingbert Dierker (BEFORE photo & stats received)
  18. Chris Chilton (BEFORE photo & stats received)

Gert Louw – aka GertFITNESS


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