Christmas 2020


This year sucked! There are so many negatives I can name, the list will be never ending. People died, families lost their homes, businesses going under, etc…

But unlike Santa, who just brings a material gift which is forgotten the next day, Christmas’s true meaning is that of joy and love. This is when I/we celebrate the birth of God’s son, send to earth to show us the love and kindness we should live by. Jesus is the reason for joy in between all this sadness. Whether you agree or not, the end-times are nearing at light speed. The world stage is being set at an unprecedented speed for the new world order. Things is not going to get easier, it is going to get worse. Most of the rights we take for granted will be stripped away. All this has to come…it has been predicted in detail.

With all this, it is very easy to fall into fear. I for one, choose to hold on to the joy Jesus Christ brought and showed us. My life will not be lived in fear no matter how bad it gets. Jesus Christ made me free from this fear. I celebrate Him and follow Him.Sure I might not have the money to buy the gifts I want this Christmas, but I have something much more than that…I got my loved ones with me, I got food on the table, I got a comfortable house, my health is good and I still got the freedom to go on my knees every night and say “thank you Lord”.Plus I can still workout!

I wish the peace of Christ upon you and your loved ones over this Christmas period. May God bless you and keep you safe. Be kind and show lot’s of love…

From your brother in fitness and brother in Christ…

Gert Louw

4 thoughts on “Christmas 2020

  1. Blessings of Christmas be upon you and your family, Gert and may all of our deepest yearnings be found in Him
    And a better New Year to all !!
    Happy Boxing Day

  2. Thank you my friend and a great source always of inspiration!!! God Bless you today and the days ahead as you hold steadfast to the truth!!

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