Merry Christmas

in a few days there is a day we call christmas. many are trying to ban even the word “christmas”. political correctness are to try and just refer to it as happy season. the name “christ” offends governments, leaders and many other .

this name refers to a man who walked this earth, healing the sick, showing and telling people how to live blameless lives, telling people about the love of god and teaching them selfless love for everyone around them.

but this man was hated because of this and crucified. today the world hates him for the very same reasons. i for one follow this man in all his teachings. he is my mentor, my leader, my role model and my savior.

i will not bow to political correctness but bow only before him – jesus christ.

may you all have a blessed and merry christmas

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– gert louw


Author: gertlouw

In the deepest south of South Africa you will find me. Dwelling in the most beautiful city in the world, Cape Town. I live close to God and try to follow in the footsteps of Christ as led the Holy Spirit. Other passions include Karate and Judo and wrestling (and off course surfing for many years). Karate I did for many years, Judo 4 yrs and for a short period kickboxing until I was knocked silly one time with blood all over and teeth protruding through my lip, but if I have to choose over, I would choose wrestling…simply because of the brutal power against power game with your opponent. Love it. Love my home theatre hobby, my youtube channel and spending time with family! And off course me and my son's new adventure ...and love flying my drone - DJI Phantom 4 Pro For those interested, this blog is my database of all my fitness and transformation knowledge. And NO (!) I am not getting any money for it and neither do I promote anything on it or getting sponsored by anybody. My blog is simply where I want to help other guys living a healthier life and become the best they can be, inside and out and ultimately it is my legacy I want to leave my one and only son – now 13 y/o and already eager to get his 6-pack! So donations very welcome! Just click the donation button... I started my healthy living after a very close call with death at age 40. After much hardship one of my main aims now is to assist other guys with healthy living and transforming themselves inside and out. I don’t know how much grace will still be given me, but I live now every moment to be the best I can be. To be the best bodybuilder I can be, the best father, best husband and best friend to those whom my paths crosses. I want to live a life worth living and not just do what excites me or pleases me. Feel free to contact me directly if you wish. Reading this far, the last bit important info on me you need to know, is that my anchor in life is Jesus Christ. Please bear in mind, English is my 2nd language and as a result their might be spelling, grammatical and other language errors in my blog – I do apologise for this! Wish you all many blessings. Gert Louw

20 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. For a better future and education for my children and actually getting payd money instead of peanuts, I now find myself in another country with a lot of different cultures and relegions. Like you said, everyone gets offended by anything “Christian”. So, my most favourate pass time to do over Christmas season, is telling everyone who looks like they might be offended by christmas, that “Jesus Is The Reason For The Season”, and nobody ever argue with that.
    I commend you on making a public stand for Christ. Not all Christians are yet strong enough to do so.

    Have a blessed new year my friend and may you stay strong in spirit soul and body.

  2. Merry Xmas Mr Louw , wishing you and your family a healthy and envigorating 2017.

    Been following you for a little while and appreciate your honesty , stay healthy sir .

    Best regards,


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  3. Merry CHRISTmas Gert! Glad to see you are striving to follow Him faithfully and seeking to be actually correct (instead of politically correct) regarding truths of eternal consequence! Cheers from the country of Panama!


  4. Great message Brother! Jesus is also my faithful friend and Saviour!

    Thank you for taking a bold stand for the Truth! Jesus said that he who denies me I will deny before the Father and the holy angels. Yikes!

    I know that I will meet you one day.


    Perry Trevithick, CMA CFO, BK Racing, LLC 703-835-6932 (cell)

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