Hi everyone,

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I considered myself “internet savvy” but got totally screwed by youtube affiliate MUSIC NATIONS (also known as ZOOMIN TV) make up lies and deceit stories in a attempt to steal a LOT of money from me. They “manage” the money side of your channel and after a few months just clamp down with lies on the payout and start keeping it for themselves. They are completely devoid of all integrity and just spew out one lie after the other. I should have known better or did my homework better…alas now I am a bit wiser! Never too old to learn.

As a result I am moving all my videos and relocating to a brand new youtube channel (channel name: GertFITNESS):


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Can I ask you a BIG favour? Please click on above link and subscribe to my new channel. I have to start at ground zero again. (Had about 3 million views and 10k subscribers which grew with 1k every month.)

Sure I can try and make a legal case, but this is not the person I am. I focus my energy on something positive. They will have their day…all do.

At least after I have finished moving all my videos to the new youtube channel, they will sit with an empty shell generating zero income. No more stealing from me. The fact is, if u ever sign with MUSIC NATIONS or ZOOMIN TV you must say bye-bye to your channel. Two, three months down the road and your income will suddenly dry up with lies and deceit…just like mine did and there is NO WAY to get away from them or out of the contractual hold, which is a laughing matter in it’s own right.

But this now provides me the opportunity to be a bit more focussed and even more professional with my new channel. Sometimes change is good and the spice that keeps life interesting.


Wishing you all a blessed day!

Gert Louw