Transformation update – flexing video

Just finished my 3 months building phase and very pleased with the results.

I added decent size without adding too much bodyfat.

When I can see my 6-pack at the end of a building phase I am always pleased!

8 Months to go then I am 50 y/o…and my promise to myself (if God’s will) is that I must look the best ever when I reach 50!

For those that do not know my program – I am following a 3 month cutting phase followed by a 3 month building phase and then alternate between the two. In between the phases I take a week to 2 weeks break from training to let the body heal and recuperate.

The cutting phase is higher reps with less weights and little carbs and the building phase is less reps with higher weight and slightly more calories.

For detailed discussion regarding my training program you can view my post:

Gert Louw


Here is a short flexing video I did 2 weeks ago when I finished my building phase.

7 thoughts on “Transformation update – flexing video

  1. This is a very nice video. Not only does it show the excellence of Gert’s body but it also shows the outstanding and easy movement of his muscle groups. Of course snapshot pictures are good, but this video shows the movement and interaction of the muscle groups which is outstanding. The size and definition of Gert really comes through in this video. It is a pleasure to watch.

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