My boy of 6 (Janu) has nagged me to get him gloves and a boxing bag. I bought him a small bag and some mitts and after watching him I decided this looks like fun.

I have 15 years of Karate (black belt) and some Judo experience and know how to through a punch, so I got me a decent medium boxing bag and gloves (12 ounces because wife said she might also want to hit the bag now and then).

After I had my first session…just me the bag and shirt off…I must say I LOVE IT!



There is a lot to be said for releasing energy and frustration and really hitting something silly – lol!

I felt really good afterwards and worked up a good sweat.

Obviously we are talking great upper body workout and good cardio benefits. Also a good fat destroyer.

The only negative thing is that the older one get, the longer rest/recovery periods is required in between boxing sessions. Tendons and all related things needs recovering. This is where the young guys have the edge.



So slowly I will be teaching my boy some tricks. He already can through a good punch.

Wife…I will not teach her too much…no guy wants a wife that can punch too good!

The photo above was taken last week. Training is rock solid right now.

My weight is the heaviest ever – 90kg.

69206_480138015366716_1971260490_nSo I am stoked and thankfull for my blessings.

Keep training hard people.



6 thoughts on “Boxing

  1. Wow, jeez, how do you fit in the massive workouts along with family and business? Are the days longer than 24 hrs in SA??!?!

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    1. Hey Jo…yeah man it is a bit of a problem…luckily I am the boss at work and at home – lol! I try to keep my gym session not longer than 60 minutes. But then again we work on African time…and it is waaaaaaaay more relaxed! Have a great weekend. G.

  2. Gert, thank you for sending this. It is such a happy read. How wonderful that you and your son and your wife are doing this together although separately at certain times I am sure you absolutley loving working and training with Janu……Awesome ! And of course it really is a great way to unload frustrations and pent up anger and unhappiness. Thank you again, it so great to such read such a comunication. Have a Great Weekend. John

  3. Awesome news, Gert…you are having fun with your family and training. Gotta love it. Happy for you and the weight gains you made…looks like it is all muscle, brother!

    1. Hey brother! Great to hear from you. Hope the training is going well on your side. My kid is the centre of my universe and I want to keep hime excited about physical activity because one day I want him to beat me by far with his muscles.
      My training is just super right now. I bench 12 sets of 110kg with energy to spare! I can feel and see the difference and with the next two months I am gonna cut a bit to bring out some definition. Have a great weekend bud! G.

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