My boy of 6 (Janu) has nagged me to get him gloves and a boxing bag. I bought him a small bag and some mitts and after watching him I decided this looks like fun.

I have 15 years of Karate (black belt) and some Judo experience and know how to through a punch, so I got me a decent medium boxing bag and gloves (12 ounces because wife said she might also want to hit the bag now and then).

After I had my first session…just me the bag and shirt off…I must say I LOVE IT!



There is a lot to be said for releasing energy and frustration and really hitting something silly – lol!

I felt really good afterwards and worked up a good sweat.

Obviously we are talking great upper body workout and good cardio benefits. Also a good fat destroyer.

The only negative thing is that the older one get, the longer rest/recovery periods is required in between boxing sessions. Tendons and all related things needs recovering. This is where the young guys have the edge.



So slowly I will be teaching my boy some tricks. He already can through a good punch.

Wife…I will not teach her too much…no guy wants a wife that can punch too good!

The photo above was taken last week. Training is rock solid right now.

My weight is the heaviest ever – 90kg.

69206_480138015366716_1971260490_nSo I am stoked and thankfull for my blessings.

Keep training hard people.